Zhostovo Nail Art

Zhostovo Nail Art

with Sam Biddle

💅🏻  With 7 STUNNING designs for you to learn.

💫  There’s something to learn no matter what skill level; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced!

💋 Learn traditional Russian Zhostovo nail art designs including flowers & butterflies.


Do you want to learn how to use create traditional Zhostovo nail art?

  • Master the use of Paints, Pigments and Gel Paints.
  • Discover how layering adds a softer more faded design.
  • Helps with learning OneStroke as they share a similar technique.
  • This course has lifetime access and ‘replay’ So you can watch and repeat as many times as you want.
  • Salon Viable to help you make even more money in the salon! 

This course is perfect for someone who has never tried Zhostovo nail art

Similar to OneStroke, Zhostovo is a great way of improving your skills.



With 7 STUNNING designs and an introductory lesson on Zhostovo, you will discover all you need to master this traditional Russian art style.

Breakdown the Technique

Zhostovo nail art is done using energetic brushstrokes as well as loading the brush with two paint colours. We will break the technique down to make it easier to learn.

Lifetime Access!

You’re going to need more than a few days to get through this course! That’s why you have Lifetime Access to go over the lessons again & AGAIN!

Lifetime Access To This Course.

Buy and keep this course forever. Access your own personal nail art academy right here on this website. Simply register and enroll!


Everything you will need to learn this technique and wow those clients.

I am going to show you the basics of this Russian nail art application, you will learn the application technique of applying 2 paints on one brush and to create layers to each petal, giving it a softer faded effect. Breaking down the procedure so you can better understand the concept.

Zhostovo Basics

We will start with a look at the basics of Zhostovo and how it came to be in 19th Century Russia. 

Daisy Chain

Start with this soft Daisy Chain design on a black background, enjoy the contrast of the white petals.

Pretty Pink Daisies

These Pretty Pink Daisies are just so sweet sat on the nail, you’ll love the hot pink tips on the petals.


Bold, bright and beautiful, these Sunflowers stand out beautifully with the combo of yellow with green. 


Develop a detailed Rose and learn how each delicate petal builds into a gorgeous Rose in bloom.

Blending with Butterflies

There’s more to learn here when you discover how to blend with Zhostovo and create some Butterflies.

Zhostovo For The Salon

Make Zhostovo into a money maker with these Salon Viable looks that clients will LOVE!

Zhostovo With A Twist

It doesn’t all have to be traditional, try Zhostovo with a fun twist and then create your own!

Your Inspired Educator is

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, before we can become a master. In this course I share my secrets to understanding water colour, and colour placement. As well as animal faces. both of my most favourite things to do when I paint. 

These animals, will help you attract the ahhhh’s and wow’s from your clients, this course is about practise and each nail will encourage and inspire your clients to have something on their nail. not only that it’s a fun thing to paint. 

For the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, but it’s all about enjoying the process and having fun. sometimes you will surprise yourself with a few simple tricks and a guide line you could paint anything. 

It’s your time!