What’s Next For Sam Biddle

From Artist to Nail Artist & Back To Artist

Taking steps

When I started nails thirty years ago I was a small fish in a big pond full of incredible creatives, they drove me to be a better technician and inspired me to explore my creative side. Now here I am, one of those larger, wiser fish who I would have looked up to all of them years ago. Back then retirement was something old people did.

More importantly, I never thought I would let Be inspired Online and nail education leave my life. Yet here I am, sitting at a fork at the road I thought would never come.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I have come to the realisation that my lifelong goal is to be an artist, something most of you already know.

With a debilitating spinal condition, a smidge of a 50th birthday, a sprinkle of Covid-19 and a desire to explore the world before time really does catch up with me. I have decided to tentatively close (only partially) my nail world door and open the door of endless possibilities with my creative art.

I have been lucky enough to have a career within a creative industry and have been able to travel throughout the world as a brand ambassador for some amazing brands as well as my own. Teaching nail techs and creatives to master their own skills, teaching creatives to steer their own destiny and watching people grow into successful, driven and dynamic women have been the cornerstone of my own inspiration.

I built a successful business around it and have made friends with some of the world’s most amazing human beings.

But little did I think a few years ago, that a niggling pain in my back would become something more.

Much more.

To the point, it’s now impacting my work. I didn’t think it would put me in a place where I considered I was running out of time, a concept so alien to me.

As things deteriorated slowly, I implemented changes so I put my efforts into building an online presence for my courses. The first in the industry to provide professional online nail art education — something I am very proud of.

But now, I’m at that fork in the road and the workmen have actually closed the right turn.

And after a week of tears fighting the overwhelming sense of responsibility and the feeling that I am letting people down, I had an epiphany. A moment of clarity dawned on me.

Melanie Lewendon!

Now let me tell you, Mel came into my life by accident, but it is like we were always destined to be working together on something. My long-standing co-host of The Mel & Sam Show and an utterly gorgeous woman.

However, Mel doesn’t talk like me, she is from up north after all — gravy on her chips and supports Leicester City FC, but Mel thinks like me. She has the same drive, passion and compassion for this industry, compassion is sadly lacking in so many aspects of our wonderful world.

She understands people and presents herself in the right way to be understood, a quality that just can’t be taught.

Mel’s creativity and talent are on par with my own. A perfectionist by default and a person who doesn’t accept compromise when considering her creativity.

All she had to do was say yes.

And she did.

It is hard for me to imagine a life without Be Inspired, but I need to step back, not away, from the industry, I want to give the brand a new lease of life which I think it needs.

Be inspired has given so much for the nail industry and still has a lot to give, with the range of courses from nail technology to nail art and marketing, Melanie has some amazing plans to provide students with a brilliant learning experience.

So what does this mean for the students?


Everything stays the same, in fact, I will still have my courses available on Be InspiredOnline, I will be available in the members-only group and still have an active role supporting Mel and Ethan, until the end of 2021. I will still sell my courses but I will have time to follow my passion, which is art.

From the end of August Melanie will be taking over the Be Inspired Online brand and starting a new journey with it.

Melanie is the perfect choice to take up the Be Inspired baton and I can’t wait to see what she does with it.

For me I will probably cry a lot, have an overwhelming sense of guilt and mourn the loss of my baby. But not for long, because I know it is in safe hands. And I am not going any where or standing still.

And please — don’t be a stranger.

Here is YOUR invitation to learn more about art. but more importantly about yourself and your creativity!

Regardless of if you are an artist yourself, a creative, or someone who likes to collect art, I want to hear from you!

Each week I will pop back in your inbox with another creative email and my latest inspiration.

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What’s Next For Sam Biddle

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