What Sets You Apart?

When One Type Of Peanut Butter Isn’t Enough

I was fascinated when I went into an American supermarket to find a whole aisle dedicated to peanut butter! Now I understand that you can have crunchy or smooth, even organic. But that only leaves you with four types. How different can peanut butters be?

It made me wonder, why you would need more than one kind of anything? When did ‘Sunpat’ become not enough? I was fascinated, you can imagine how silly I looked, standing staring at peanut butter. They must have thought we don’t have peanut butter in the UK.

There are thousands of nail techs in the industry today, what if each of us were a different kind of peanut butter? Every nail pro offers something different;
smooth, chunky, fruity or just plain rude. People on the outside might sit there and think ‘Well what’s the difference? Why is one cheaper or more expensive than another? How different can they all really be?’.

What if your client could pick and choose their flavour of nail pro, depending on how they feel or what they want? Like the peanut butters everyone still has their favourites, they know which one they like and are free to choose another if they feel like it.

But there’s an issue…a flaw with this thinking, we are all not sat in a row on the supermarket aisle waiting for our client.

You have to think ‘What Sets You Apart?’ from the other peanut butter’s out there? How can you let people know that you’re different from the rest?

I will tell you…you need to let your clients know what you offer. Your special kind of flavour, your unique selling point, your solution to their craving.

The moral of the story? Don’t sit on the shelf and hope your client sees you, shout out,and tell them why they should pick you.

Lesson For The Day.

Write down 3 things in the comments below that sets you apart. What 3 things do you offer, that your client might be looking for. I would love to know.

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What Sets You Apart?

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