What Makes A Winner?

Qualities of a Winner

In every group there are winners, out of billions there will emerge a winner and out of those millions will come a winner who will overtake the others. Look at history, you will find many of these winners. People who made a huge impact on the future of the world. Lincoln, Gandhi, Roosevelt were all winners of their time. We can find winners in every aspect of society. Winners in politics, business and activism.

It isn’t a case of who is the winner right now, but what is it that makes a winner? What is it that propels these people to keep going even if faced with adversity to come out on top.

We can all remember the one child in the class who always outscored everyone. In a dance troupe there is always one dancer who out performs the rest. When watching a film you can see who is living the character and who is merely acting. Beyonce in Destiny’s Child, Harry Styles in One Direction, Nicole Scherzinger in the Pussycat Dolls and Tom Hanks in Castaway. These are all winners, It doesn’t diminish the talent and hard work put in by the other members or actors (though Wilson didn’t contribute much). It just goes to show that winners always shine through.

So, who is a winner? What qualities are needed to make a winner?

Overcoming Obstacles

Winners come across obstacles just like everyone else, but a key difference is the way they see them. Rather than blocks to success they are hurdles, challenges. Something to overcome rather than stop them. Rather than becoming frustrated and giving up, winners relish the opportunity to overcome these hurdles. They thrive on the challenge as they recognise that each one will make them smarter and better. Each one is an opportunity to learn and develop, to come back stronger than before. Pushing themselves to become winners over the people who would have surrendered at the first obstacle.

In my years in the industry I’ve had setbacks. Things that would have made other people quit or take a step back. But by focusing on my main goal, to have a successful business, to help other realise their potential and Nail it Like a Boss I kept going. Major surgery, long term pain and illness cannot stop me from coming into the office every day and working on my goal.


This type of focus is key to becoming a winner. Rather than giving all of their energy to small tasks and ideas. Instead of becoming exhausted fighting for the next step. They focus on the bigger picture, they always look at their objective and work towards it. Imagine it like a long road or a game. Winners keep walking down the road, they focus on the main quest. They aren’t distracted down alleyways or side quests. Their focus is always on the main goal.

Hard Work

They are also not afraid of hard work, working tirelessly and ceaselessly until they achieve their aim. UFC fighter Connor McGregor talks of how he lived in a car yet still would train everyday. Ed Sheeran was homeless and busking every day to make sure he got heard. When you know what you’re aiming for it is easier to keep working hard to achieve it. They are fuelled by the idea of turning their goal into a reality. In the grand scheme of things their tiredness and exhaustion is worth it.

These are just some of the qualities that define a winner, there are other qualities but these ones we can all learn at the start and become winners. So next time you are faced with a challenge, don’t surrender. Work hard to overcome it. Winning is a mindset that we call achieve. We can all Nail it Like a Boss, after all. Why shouldn’t all of us become winners?

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What Makes A Winner?

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