What Is It I Hope To Achieve With My Business?

My Business is For You, Not For Me

Hi there, how is your week going?

Last week someone asked me ‘What is it you are hoping to achieve with your business?’ This isn’t a rude question, as a business owner it is something you are asked a lot. You learn to develop a stock answer that hits all the right points ‘We aim to do…., What makes us different is…., The feedback so far is…’ etc etc etc. I have been running this business for nearly 10 years now, and you can bet I have this memorised.

But this time I stopped myself from repeating the usual script and instead took a moment to think about my answer. I realised that my cookie cutter response from the last few years didn’t work anymore, so many things have changed in just the past few months, let alone the last few years. Life as we know it has created a dissonance with our souls, the things we are now wishing and wanting for are different from before. Now our priorities and desires don’t need money to fulfil, it’s about time spent with loved ones and missed connections. It’s about enriching our souls and finding joy away from the what was our everyday. For me, I strive for more time to play, paint and pass the time with Jon drinking coffee and solving the worlds problems.

I spent years not doing those things and instead working hard to make the money that would allow me to do them later in life. But last time I looked; I was still doing them. The difference now is that there is no more sitting in the office 12 hours a day 6 days a week exhausting myself to the point where I was unable to enjoy my time. The challenge and chore of working is gone, time spent in the office is now something I need to help me appreciate the time I spent working to get to this point.

I am writing this blog right now in my garden, I have made a point to myself to spend as much of this summer outside with Jon as possible. I’m lucky enough that my business allows me to work from anywhere in the world, so why did I spend so much time holed up in my freezing cold office each day instead of somewhere I wanted to be?

Thanks to the lockdown I realised I didn’t have an answer to this question. It made me take a look at my life and my business and realise what I am doing. All the difficulties with the new website build, trying to make sure my business stays in profit and that you get great new courses is what I love to do. It makes me feel alive and excited tackling challenges, like I am climbing Mount Everest (Something I actually would never wish to do) it is the process of growth that fuels me, being able to look back and see how far you’ve come.

So what am I doing with my business? What do I hope to achieve with all I am doing? I realised that my business isn’t for me. I have everything I want already; I have the time with my loved ones, the luxury of a space to work and a home I love being in. My business is for you, by continuing to grow, develop and learn myself I can help you build a better business empire. By falling and scraping my knees I can show you how to get back up, cover that bloody gash and start again stronger than before. By giving you what you want and need from me, you give me the ability to reward myself with peace of mind and time.

My business is there to build you, not me, my life works to develop myself so I can put out content to develop you. Isn’t that amazing and SO much easier?!

Your take home, what are you working towards? What are you hoping to achieve? Please let me know. The only way I can help is if I know what you want and need from me to help you towards your goals.

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What Is It I Hope To Achieve With My Business?

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