What Does Creativity Bring Us?

Creativity & Inventiveness 

Recently I was sent a photo of something which inspired me, I was overwhelmed with this sensation of creativity.  I wanted to paint something around this one visual – an eye.

I painted the eyes and then the face and then….nothing. There was no more in me to pour out onto my digital canvas. Why was that? Oh no!!! Did I have a painters block? No way….because the idea is still within me, but I can’t seem to make it happen on my canvas.

There are a few things we fail to realise when we happily play with our parts and pigments, the very nature of being creative is to invent a new way to interpret an image we have in our mind. That image is placed there from what we see, aka inspiration. This is found through social, magazines or even from a picture found on Pinterest.

For 2 days I have not touched my art. I have been stuck in this void of having the concept, but I have not been able to make it happen. This is not new, I am definitely not the first. What can I do now, except circumnavigate my way around this obstacle?

But, I am one of those people that want to know ‘why?’. Yes, I was that child that said why…’ Why does the snow feel cold?’, ‘Why does Santa have to come down the chimney and not through the front door?’, ‘Why can’t my dog come to school with me?’. Even as a child, I wanted answers and I still do! I think that is what makes me a great educator now as an adult!

So on my morning walk I ask the question, ‘Why can’t I come up with a solution to this painting? Why am I blocked?’

The answer- and oh this is going to annoy you as much as it does me- it is not time. YOU’RE NOT READY, wait. arghhhhhhhhh.

So wait is what I will do. I will wait until I’m ready and until then- I will start something else.

I have been working on my portraits for a while now, with no rhyme or reason. I have been painting stranger’s faces, over and over again. I’m up to nearly 60 different noses, smiles, and 120 eyeballs, all staring back at me. Their quizzical faces seem to ask ‘What is the point of this?’.

I start a painting, with a sketch, then I do a second sketch with more detail and then a third. I get to know these strangers very well. Then I start to build the colour of their face, through shadow and highlights, adding tones and tints to transform their skin tones, bringing life to them. The fun part is the zooming into the detail of the person, the places no one gets to investigate…No your smutty mind isn’t going in the right direction. I mean the eyes, the creases the smiles make, and the incidental, if not perfect, fall of a strand of hair.

What is it I am hoping to achieve? Through blind faith, I think I am just preparing for something bigger. I am practicing my new obsession and getting better as I go along.

So back to the start of this blog, ‘What does creativity brings us?’ Some of us paint, sing or put together words in a beautifully inspirational way.

The inventiveness of creativity gives us the momentum to move forward to change and develop. We are able to find a new way to work, placing a mark here instead of there, using a word like ‘AGOG’ instead of ‘AMAZED’, or finding that the bridge in a song should be longer than normal. Each tiny, inventive step we bring to our craft changes what we share with the world, it helps the world build on a creative and collective mind and it is worth it.

The teeny tiny things we choose to do differently are like ripples, that butterfly effect, that we can’t see happen.🦋

…but our inventiveness will change something for someone, somewhere in the world.

Now, how amazing is that?! So don’t feel that what you are doing today is for nothing, sometimes even doing nothing now, can make something amazing down the line. Even the small and simple acts can change everything.

These words next words are for me as much for you: 


PS; that picture, I am still working on the idea, and I will share it with you when I eventually finish.

What Does Creativity Bring Us?

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