Hi, my name is Sam Biddle and I’m all about education, self-development, and inspiration. You might have heard about me through Be Creative Nails, and of course I created Be Inspired back in the day, before my dear friend Mel Lewendon came along and allowed me to retire. My online courses focus on the art and the mini canvases I have to paint on … and wonderful students like you. I have travelled the world teaching nail pro’s the fundamentals of nail art and helped them realise their own style.

My Courses

Get the course that created nail competition winners and launched international nail careers.

  • The course that gives you insight and answers.
  • The course which Be Inspired was founded from.
  • From an idea to a six-figure industry icon.
  • Take your nail art to the next level today with this exclusive course. 

For a limited time only, this course is available for JUST £100. Get it before Sam retires. 

This is a unique nail art online course, specifically designed to help you break free from relying on nail art tutorials by teaching the skillset you need to confidently turn any idea into nail art.

When I started Be Inspired Online over 20 years ago (before I retired in 2021) I never could’ve imagined the success online education would be!

After selling DVDs and USBs I started streaming my courses and was the first to provide a professional platform and online academy complete with feedback.

The Legacy Course is the result of those first lessons ‘Nail-inar’s’, revised, refreshed and re homed. 

I turned my passion for art into a full-time business – and taught 1000’s of nail pro’s with my online classes, and 500+ hours of premium nail art and marketing tutorials, I have shown nail artists worldwide a range of every kind of art application. From hand painting, pigments, gel and acrylic. Fantasy and watercolour. 

Who built these courses?

That’s me, Sam Biddle. From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics and yep, we need a little inspiration when it comes to business.

I can show you just what you can do with a brush, A dotting tool, a small pot of paint and some polish,  but that’s not enough. The art of business, marketing and social media are what we need to learn so we can continue to be creative and do the job we love.  The secret, the real power to success is in duplicating the success of those who have already done the hard work, made the mistakes, and found the golden ticket. I’m looking forward to helping you get equipped for YOUR success.

Why Join Be Inspired Today?

I really believe that we need to have confidence in our own abilities. We need that inner knowledge that we ARE good enough and the drive that gives us to share our art with our clients. We all have our secret weapons and showing you how to get the most out of your nail career through the medium of nail art is my superpower.

Did you come here wanting to learn nail art? Well, you will walk away with a lot more than that!

3D baby nail art

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