Online Education… Controversial or a Godsend?

Changing times require a change of approach…

Online education wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, I don’t mind saying it now, but I got quite a bit of flack from my nail friends about my decision to start online education. There was so much ‘advice’ about how it would ruin my earning potential because people wouldn’t book a face to face class with me.

I know that some of these voices of concern were well-meaning, but I am also very aware that there was a lot of behind my back discussions about my online future. Now, this is not a blog post calling out these people, there are still a few who tell me that they don’t agree with online learning, that it is not possible to build a career from.

But we are living in a very different time, and in a way, I would like to think I was more of a visionary than a rebellious nail educator

I started online education nearly 10 years ago now, first with DVD’s and then moving over to the first ‘Nail’inars’, a combination of webinar and nail classes. This was before Facebook LIVES and even the now very popular YouTube way of learning.

I won’t lie, it was tough. Getting people to move away from a physical object like a DVD or USB to just streaming took time. But now look at us.

Online education is shaping up to be a lifeline for many nail professionals and we are seeing a boom in online learning. Not just the paid-for courses, but supporting education like the Pintwist Challenges from The Mel & Sam Show or the Nail Art @ Night Series. There are a host of LIVES on Facebook and IGTV and of course YouTube and timelapse promotional content.

How does this change how we learn? How does it sit with those few nail icons who didn’t agree with online education back then?

We all change our minds when we see something working, we can adjust our point of view to fit in with our cause.

Online education is a benefit to many nail professionals, it gives you room to grow and learn because we all do so at a different pace. Either auditory, visual or practically we can provide a way for each individual to benefit from online education.

My daughter is training to be a teacher for secondary school English. She has had some practical experience in schools but now, thanks to lockdown, the majority of her classes are held virtually.

The incentive for her students to be there and learn is different, perhaps less enjoyable for some. But it is the job of the educator and teacher to provide a learning style for each class attendee and there is a way to do this online which can’t be one face to face.

Some nail friends predicted that I would cause the demise of nail education with online courses, of course not.

In fact, I think it strengthens nail tech education because there is an element of prep, nail pro’s can find and get the theory done and not waste time in the class. Or investigate an application online before buying a more advanced course.

There are many ways to adjust and evolve, the only thing this lockdown did for my business is showed me I was right not to listen to those around me and to push forward. I am lucky to have carved out a business from online education and to be one of the leaders in this industry doing that.

I have learned a tremendous amount and it hasn’t been easy. But the one thing I have learnt is to not listen to others who can’t possibly see my vision, to trust in the gift of my ideas and to push forward even though those influential people around me tell me I am wrong.

But I am not wrong now am I? Because online education is the future and however we put together the information and courses, we are all helping to make a better stronger industry.

Stay true to your ideas because they are gifts. Those inspirations are not whimsical, they arrived in your mind for a reason. You have been chosen, so push through and see where it takes you. Someone has to be the inventor, so why can’t it be you?

I was inspired by my 30 Days Portrait Challenge through Sketchy, to create a nail art and nail application course, with 5 other celebrated and award-winning educators. We have all been working hard over the last few months to bring you a set of lessons, 30 of them. which will help you in your business and your confidence.

Now you need to decide which set of values you hold that will say yes to investing in this course and in your self.

Check out this link – Doors opened November 1st and is discounted until December.

Online Education… Controversial or a Godsend?

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