The Three Reasons I’m Not A Nail Technician

You’re a nail tech, but you’re also so much more…

Taking steps

Being a nail technician is a skill, it takes hard work and talent to make it as a nail technician and not everyone has the ability to make it a successful business or career. A lot of nail techs though are only techs as a secondary, some had the same journey as I did, we were artists looking for a new way to express ourselves and fell into nails because of the exciting nature of the work.

There are so many exciting tools that we can use when working on nails, we can use layering to enhance our work, we have a choice between matte or shiny topcoats, brush sizes, polish colours, etc. All of these decisions and choices are the same for any artist wanting to create their best work.

The 3 Main Reasons I’m Not Just A Nail Tech

– It doesn’t matter what the canvas I’m using is, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s a nail, a rock or paper I can create on it, the only difference is how your product interacts with the surface you’re creating on. We are as creative, as innovative and just as talented as any artist. Just because all of our work isn’t acrylic on canvas or an oil painting of a seascape it doesn’t make what we produce any less impressive.

– We take inspiration the same way as any other creative, able to take the wants and needs of the viewer and create the work they desire. It’s not easy working from someone else’s inspiration, the hardest job of any artist is to take someone else’s vision and turn it into a realised piece, the ability we have to create from our own inspiration as well as others is a key artistic quality.

– Want to know what separates us from the majority of other artists? We actually sell our art! How many artists are there out there creating, working on art that they are unable to sell for whatever reason. We sell our art every day in the salon, how many artists can say that?

If there were no nails we’d still find something else to paint, another way to create that fulfills our need to create. I studied art at school, before nails I worked in the family pottery business and created art pieces, nails are just the current medium I use to express my artistic desires. 

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The Three Reasons I’m Not A Nail Technician

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