There Was A Poo Bag In My Hair

Poo Bags, My Hair & Marketing

You know what it’s like when you have no product in your hair and it’s flying all over the place! You’re walking around and no matter how many times you tuck it behind your ear or push it our of your face you just can’t control it at all.

Well, the other day I put a conditioning treatment in my hair and thought I would leave it to dry naturally as I walked my dog Bella. No more than halfway into the walk I had come to regret this decision, my hair was laying on my head like a red blanket imagine Little Red Riding Hood but due to a mix up at the drycleaners was going around with an old bright red tea towel on her head, with the frayed threads sticking to her warm moisturised face . This was me, with strands of limp hair stuck to my face and annoying me…a lot.

The only thing I had to tie it back was a dog poop bag, which I had an abundance of in my pockets, alongside zero hair ties or scrunchies, heck! Even an elasic band would do. But no, this was the best solution I had so I made do until I could get back home.

This got me thinking. You see hair and business work the same way in that if you leave it to do it’s own thing, without direction or care it becomes flat and lifeless.

But as soon as you take control and put products in your hair, you can protect it from the curling irons or straighteners, you can style it with gel or mousse and manipulate it into any style you’d like. It can make you feel fabulously glam or just plain sexy. You can tie it back with a hair tie whilst you’re working out or leave it to fall naturally. What’s important is that you have control and with a small spray you can do what you like with your hair.

I don’t mean products in the sense of what your business is selling, products in your hair are there to give you control.

Business is the same. You need things in place that help you to build it into something you want it to be, rather than dull and lifeless. You need to add to it a ‘product’ that can protect it and shape it how you want. One of those ‘products’ is a good marketing strategy, understanding your marketing means you are able to guide your business into any direction (style).

Knowing what to post, when to post, where to post and to who your should be posting to is like adding styling mousse to your hair. Protect your business by learning and understanding, give your business the ability to make you feel amazing, powerful and fulfilled.

So what had this got to do with poo bags? Don’t settle for a make do option, something you happen to have on hand or is free and easy. Just because it was handy at the time doesn’t mean I’ll be using it again. Invest in the proper tools to do the right job for you. My hair and your business deserves more than a handy poop bag.

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There Was A Poo Bag In My Hair

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