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I did something different so you can too…

I know a thing or two about education.

I know a lot about marketing.

I understand this industry and you the nail pro’s looking to share, shine and learn.

Which is why when the industry and the world were hit with Covid. I used all my skills to pivot. Did you? 

I watched you try and deliver your skills and speciality, as nail pro’s had more time, some educators used this opportunity and stood out. They changed their business model as the circumstances changed. But I watched them struggle to find the balance between staying professional and delivering their expertise. 

There’s a number of things in life that I’m good at, and these are not in any particular order or favouritism:

  1. Nails
  2. Marketing
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. People
  6. Technology

The world has woken up finally to the notion of technology in the wake of Covid-19 and the nail world is no exception when we consider education and a digital presence. 

I realised a long time ago that not everyone can afford or has the time to attend the classes they want to. So I started putting some classes together, first as a DVD and then online memberships and mini-courses. 

This grew into the 6 figure business I have today. This online academy helps thousands of nail professionals try something new, get a taste of a different technique or flirt with a new educator. 

The world is shrinking and technology allows us to provide education to students across the globe without having to leave our studio’s. 

I won’t lie I  got a lot of flack for undercutting the industry by providing online education, this was before Facebook lives made free tutorials a thing. Back then online education was not the norm like it is today. But these professionals didn’t appreciate that there was an opportunity, a blend of face to face and online.

Online should not replace face to face, but it can support it. Providing a space for educators to show and shine, to help them teach their students, before and after their face to face classes, and for those educators who want to provide complete online courses like me. 

But the industry is changing, and just like the world, it is shrinking, with easy access to your favourite educator. Your students can learn from anyone anywhere at any time, how fantastic is that?

With the massive changes to teaching I wanted to open my doors to educators and help a professional find a home for their courses, but I also realised home wasn’t all they needed. They also needed more, like a housekeeper and guide to show them how to build, edit, plan and market their courses. This was honey to a queen bee like me, this is my jam! 

We have all seen the glitzy nails being done on Facebook and Instagram, great as they are, is this the right place for your business? 

Facebook and Instagram are great places to read your tribe, but they are not spending on these formats. They’re doom-scrolling while the footie is on like the rest of us. The last thing they want to do is learn. Trust me, I have been doing this a long time. 

Anything that has the term ‘pop-up’ in it should be exclusive to food and drink, not a professional vocation such as nails.

Doing a class on Facebook is similar to going on a date to McDonald’s – Facebook is free and free equates to cheap. If you sit and work out the cost of running a thirty-minute video that has some basic editing. It would have taken you the best part of the day and while you’re editing away thinking that you’re the next Speilburg, no one will watch it apart from Karen down the road who calls you hun on your FB page, your mum who unless she’s passive-aggressive will think that your film is AMAZEBALLS, oh and Trevor the local pest hoping to see a naked woman. 

If you figured out the hourly rate of producing this masterpiece, it would be less than the minimum wage. How are you to leverage cash flow from something that is costing you money? 

And the trouble with free is it breeds a group of people that only want things for, you guessed it, free – How, by doing something for free are you going to pay for your mortgage?

The beauty industry is worth a whopping £24 billion per year and the drive for education has never been more important. 

We have the time to do it between lockdowns and even beyond Covid-19, education will always be the constant in the nail world. 

The technology has removed the gatekeepers. You can build a successful online education business with the right back-office support and that support is something that here at Be Inspired Online we have been working on for the last ten years. 

Then there is the whole idea of ‘I will build it and they will come’ after 10 years providing online education, I know that is not going to happen. Hitting the launch button doesn’t bring the sound of a marching band, more the flump of tumbleweed drift across your staff car park. Karen may buy something, your mum definitely will and Trevor, well don’t hold your hopes up unless you get your baps out.  

It takes more than just creating a video to make a business, and undervaluing your skillset is downright criminal. This is where Be Inspired Online and my wonderful self can help. 

You see, I have set up a pretty amazing network of courses and know a thing or two about delivering and promoting them. Plus I have people to help me do just that. The Inspired Space is a place where we can host and manage your courses for you. Plus I will be able to impart my marketing know-how with you, to make sure you do sell that course when it launches. Plus I have a little [not really, it is a very big list] of student’s, all excited about your new course.

I know what you’re going to say here, wasn’t Facebook mentioned. Like being taken for a date in McDonald’s? No, it’s not even remotely similar.

The set up is free which sets Be Inspired apart for the pack. Most companies will charge you a setup up fee but I understand that the nail world is the less wealthy in the global beauty industry which is why I and my team at Be Inspired Online are committed to dedicated nail professionals. 

Yep, right now there is zero set up fee. Spending out only when you make sales to ‘live’ on Be Inspired Online. 

Your course is yours, NOT Be InspiredOnlines’s. You receive your own tutor page, your own catalogue and your students are your students, to market into the future. 

You will even be part of a small and exclusive community of Be Inspired Educators (not brand specific) just a title, and work together with a collective of eds along with other benefits. 

Team up with your peers and build a better business for yourself. 

Collaboration is king and in 2020 we have needed this more than ever. I can help you get the right message out to your students and your audience. Give yourself and your students this opportunity to influence the future of this industry. Go from quick pop-up courses with long boring live-streams, to a professional classroom.

The Inspired Space is a place where you can show and shine your skills to your students. To give access to new nail techs looking for someone like you and your style of education or application. There is enough room for everyone because we are all different with our approaching to teaching and learning. 

The Inspired Space matches you to the right student and educator. How? Because you develop a launch strategy with us and we help you build a successful online business. The Inspired Space will not just home your courses but is there with the marketing support to an equally as successful business. 

This is a space which gives you the chance to concentrate on what you do best and let us do what we do best. Look after your courses. 

  1. Be Inspired Online offers a complete online package for your business.
  2. Let Be Inspired Online host your courses and create a profitable collaboration, profit sharing your course fee. 
  3. The control is always in your hands. 
  4. And even if you don’t know where to start with online education, filming, editing, email marketing and all the other things that come with that. There is a support network in place to help you make this next part of your business a success. 

By pivoting, then you can stick to what you do best – YOUR business. 

Have you ever wanted to build an online course but didn’t know-how? 

Have you ever wanted to provide a residual income with your teaching? 

Have you been asked to share your skills but can’t put a class together? 

Or have you been giving away your genius to nail techs looking for ‘free stuff’?

Is it time to change, do you want to grow your business into something sustainable and just enjoy the teaching part of it. 

Well, The Inspired Space lets you do what you do best and we do the rest. 

The Inspired Space is a place where you can share and shine, helping nail techs across the globe to learn something new and different. 

“The Inspired Space is an opportunity for educators to provide online education without the hassle of build a website, email campaigns and marketing struggles.” 

Build it and we will tell them about it. 

Build it and we will give it a home 

Build it and we can help you shout about it. 

I was inspired by my 30 Days Portrait Challenge through Sketchy, to create a nail art and nail application course, with 5 other celebrated and award-winning educators. We have all been working hard over the last few months to bring you a set of lessons, 30 of them. which will help you in your business and your confidence.

Now you need to decide which set of values you hold that will say yes to investing in this course and in your self.

Check out this link – Doors opened November 1st and is discounted until December.

The Space For You

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