The Cycles of Everything

We are all moving and living in a cycle…

Taking steps

Humans are creatures of habit, whether we realise it or not having a routine each day helps focus us. We get up, we eat, work, play, sleep and start all over again, there can often feel like there is no end to anything. No matter how many times I wash up, there is always washing up to do! It’s like a curse or never-ending prank.

(Full disclosure I don’t wash up.. I have my nails to think about here!)

But still we continue, each day setting goals to accomplish, milestones on the way to the top of the mountain. It doesn’t always feel like a chore, I may wake up, meditate then go to work every day, but most of the time I love it!

Isn’t the journey that starts the moment we open our eyes to the sun streaming through the window important? Or how about the breakfasts made for us with love? Isn’t the day at work laughing with colleagues, sharing stories and making a client smile at their perfect set of nails the reason we do it all?

All of these things each day add up to fit within that hole inside of us, if you stopped what would fill it instead? If you came to the end of your journey and nowhere else to go, then what?

It’s not the act of doing it each day that matters, I could do something else and still get the same feelings because it’s the feeling inside that is important.

I listened to Micheal Signer this morning and he said that if we continue to look on the outside for joy and fulfillment we will always attach it to someone or something else. Now most commonly that is your partner, money, gifts, etc, but really it is how you feel about that person or thing that is precious, not the actual person or object.

So do yourself a favour the next morning and gather all those feelings of joy as they are yours to keep, just remember, don’t hoard the items that deliver them. Everything is moving in a cycle and eventually, they will move onto their next stage too – but those feelings will never die.

Life is a cycle, a never-ending loop. You will never achieve the end result because something is always next, so enjoy the process instead and gather those feelings of joy.

When something doesn’t sit well don’t fight it, just look inside and take the joy you have within you and replace it.

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The Cycles of Everything

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