Do you feel lost when it comes to instagram?

Have you relied on facebook and ignored the power behind this social platform?

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Let me share with you my secrets to mastering instagram.

💅🏻This is a nail techs must have to marketing your nail business on instagram.

🖥 Your manual to becoming an influencer in your domain.

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In this course you will…

  • Know what to post and why, How to be cohesive and recognisable to your clients.
  • Think about your hashtags and use them to your advantage
  • Give your brand a clear voice and message and stay in your lane of genius.
  • How do you come across to your new client and what are you telling them? 
  • I will help you create the perfect profile from the username to the profile image you set.   Find out the difference between your layouts and perfecting your images and colour schemes.

Three lessons which pack a punch!

You have a wealth of knowledge each one with actionable steps and a work book to help you along this course.
This course is just a small part of what you can achieve using instagram and I wish for you to build on this knowledge and use this social media platform to your advantage.

Post like you mean it.

How do you come across to your new client and what are you telling them, I will show you how to have a cohesive and recognisable timeline, giveing your brand a clear voice.  Learn how to stay in your lane and be consistent.

Instagram is the place to be

Improve your following by 50% by being consitant, using the right hashtags and  giving your audience what they expect. I will show you how in this lesson

Dazzle them.

Create the perfect profile, from the username to the profile image you set.
Find out the difference between your layouts and perfecting your images and colour schemes.

Get this course TODAY  and SAVE £30

Normally £57

Buy in the next hour to save £30

Why You Need This Course?

  • Do you work for your business or does it work for you?
  • Do you get lazy when it comes to social media marketing? 
  • Do you have a one stop marketing process and rely on facebook?

People love insta

There are over 1 billion active monthly users  on instagram and over 500 million active daily users.

How long do you spend online?

Instagram users spend  an average of  28 minutes per day on the platform in 2020.

Business on insta!

With 25 million Businesses on Instagram, people expect you to be there. 


it could be you.

200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day.

Become an expert

This ONLINE COURSE  shows you how to master Instagram and what to do to grow your nail business!

This course also comes with a 20 page workbook, which will help you build your instgram into a thriving social platform that helps your clients see you.

There are Bonuses

The Hashtag cheat sheet

I will giive you a list of the most popular hashtgs used in this industry, copy and paste them into your notes app and use this swipe list daily as you post.

Colour your timeline

Work out the best colour scheme for your time line, I explain what each colour represents and why it’s imortant.

My apps are your apps

Over the years I have tried so many apps, and creative platforms. I have put togeyher a list of some of my favourite ones for you.

As a small business owner you can dip your toe in and out of this course, there is no pressure. Being part of Be Inspired online is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in my nail journey.

Wendy Walsh

You are amazing, thank you for sharing your incredible talent with me. You have inspired me to push beyond my self imposed boundaries. I am doing nail art I thought I would never be able to do.

Danielle Candido

Thanks to joining be inspired online, I am achieving things I thought I could never do, my confidence, has improved greatly thanks you Sam, you have changed my business for the better.

Samantha Vasiliou

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That’s me, Sam BiddleFrom one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics and yep, we need a little inspiration when it comes to social media marketing. 

So many times I hear nail tech collegues moan about social media marketing, get lost in the bustle of shoulds and shouldn’ts and leave this valuable resourse to others.
This is devistating, because instagram is the fastest way to grow your presence on social media. I wanted to bring you something which was actionable, easy and digestable. our business is nails not marketing, so some quick, simple tools and tricks is what you get in this course.
Developed by the years of building my business using social media, the infinate courses I have attended and the many books I have absorbed. Social media is part of everyone’s business, it’s wether you choose to realise this or not. It’s here to stay so embrace it.