Taking Time Each Day For Yourself, Can Help Others

Nail Art Videos Daily Are Coming Back

A few weeks ago, in an attempt to get out of my lockdown blues I decided to start taking time out each day to do something that I knew would cheer me up. So each day I would take some time before my lunch to do a nail art design, no stress, no worries about whether anyone would like it, just sit down each day to make time for myself.

As I sat down each day it dawned on me that there must be other people like me out there who were finding lockdown stressful and were looking for a welcome distraction. So I asked my members, my friends and family and they all said the same thing ‘What can we do?’ I realised that unlike me they didn’t have the motivation to find something to do to each day.

If people weren’t going to help themselves, then I would have to help them instead. That is the story of why I started my Nail Art @ Noon Series over on Facebook and Youtube. A show each day where I would go LIVE do some nail art, chat to people all over the world but more importantly give people something to help them each day which didn’t require them to spend money or leave the house.

I didn’t realise the reach this would have, we of course had the nail techs who were looking for a fun bit of practice and the students who were off school keeping up with their Nails & Beauty Course. But was more amazing was the people who didn’t have anything to do with nails who tuned in each day just to tke part in something creative. We had a mother using these to teach their young daughter art classes each day, we had people who were at home isolated who just wanted a friendly voice and a chat. We even had a few men log in just to flirt! But we quickly got rid of those.

I was taken aback at how something that was such a small but fun part of my day became so important. Something I started half heartedly to stop my boredom, became something so many other people resonated with. So I’ll tell you something that I think we all should do, next time you have an idea or an urge to do something to help yourself. Rememeber that by sharing it with the world you could help someone else, you could be the motivation they need to make a change. That’s why from Monday June 29th I’ve decided to start again with a daily nail art show, as it’s great for me and great for you too.

Now you don’t have to do a daily show online to strangers, there are changes you can make to yourself and to your business which will make sure your clients have a greater experince the next time they see you. Don’t be like me and suffer through feeling tired and unable to cope, it is better to take time out do something that improves your mindset and your business than perform poorly an impact both.

This lockdwon has given us all the perfect excuse to reevaluate our lives and our livelihoods, to look at where we can improve without having to put everything on hold… because it already is! So why not take this time to break your business down and then put it all back together bigger and better than before. So you can head out of this lockdown no slow and sluggish, but faster and stronger with a business that’s better than before! 

Let me help you do that, I have put together the Seven Principles it takes to build a nail business, the same Seven Principles that took me from doing nails on my friends, doing nails on my clients to travelling the world showing people how to be the best nail techs they can. Learn my Seven Priciples now by clicking below.


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Taking Time Each Day For Yourself, Can Help Others

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