Sam’s Suggestions

So many people ask me for a link to what I use when I am creating my images or editing my films. where they can get this, that and the other. There are SO many “shiny objects” out there vying for your attention. It is much easier to make a choice when someone can recommend something to you.

This is  my own little resources page, complete with links, some of these links are affiliated which means we are helping each other out – thankyou for that.  

Yes, you got it, I have been shopping for you! It was my pleasure, like who doesn’t love online shopping.

So if you wondering just what I like to put in my basket then cruise this page for a bit. but before you do I must tell you that some of the links below are affiliate links. That simply means if you click through and decide to invest in one of these products, I get a nominal commission.
The good news?

This comes at no additional cost to you. For the full blurb on affiliate links click here for my disclaimer.

Water colour Paints for Aquarelle

If you’ve been watching my Nail Art @ Noon each day you will recognise this watercolour set. Click this image and It will take you to the set I have found on Amazon. You are looking for a prefessional grade pallet not student. I like these windser and newton paints. >>>CLICK ME

Flo & Ellie Brushes

You may have noticed some sexy black and rose gold brushes I have been using in my recent tutorials – These are all from Flo and Ellie, a diverse range of brushes you will be able to find any brush for any kind of application. check them out here >>> CLICK ME

Emoki Oils

You may have noticed some sexy black and rose gold brushes I have been using in my recent tutorials – These are all from Flo and Ellie, a diverse range of brushes you will be able to find any brush for any kind of application. check them out here >>> CLICK ME

Mystic Nails

Mystic Nails has it all, and I love the adaptability and price point of this brand. fitting every kind of client’s nail, it also gives me all I need to add art and colour. from one stroke paints to gel paints. If you want to try this brand and are in the UK here is a link to the site. Plus come back soon for a referral discount. >>> CLICK ME


Katie is renowned for her experience and knowledge on the competition circuit and her obsession with the creation of the perfectly structured enhancement. But there is one thing lacking – good tools which are designed to get the job we need to do get done.  Now I am obsessed and Love these new tools from Katie Barnes.  >>> CLICK ME


A longtime friend and collaborator here at Be Inspired Online, Melanie Lewendon has launched her incredible EDU-MATS. These Double Sided Work Mats are fully reusable and mimic the nail surface you will work on, perfect for practicing your technique. Not only that, you will get a Full Workbook and a Full Education Tutorial from Mel, to help you as you work through the mat with products and new techniques to master them before you try on a nail. A complete home learning with study aids >>> CLICK ME


This is actually my own brand of naila rt solutions, from pigments, paints to the fabulusly fantastic naila rt pen. A small, I like to think of it as boutique brand, this is one of the original nail art suppliers. Producing products that help you the nail tech make money. Now with the education, you will always hae everything you need. >>> CLICK ME 


What nail tech worth their salt doesn’t have a draw full of glitter and gems. But when you find a good crystal gem supplier then your world is complete. I use crystal parade gems because they give me so much versatility. I am able to find any size, colour and shape and with new collections coming out all the time, the hard work of sorting and designing is done for me. Plus watch this space for the Sam Biddle collection  >>> CLICK ME 

It’s not just the nail stuff

You have created the perfect set of nails, or want to take a photo of your nail art on tips, and then when you snap the shot you realise you have a hideous shadow, the background sucks and the light is reflecting on the shine.

Arghhhhhhhh you don’t have time to fanny around with positions or lighting.

These two tools are perfect!  

Pop up light box

Originally I bought a pop up one, which I use not just for nails, but for my product shots as well. the light positioned on either side will defuse and create the perfect glow. but I upgraded recently to the harder sided one, two reasons it came with a light inbuilt and it was sturdier and easier to stand. >>>CLICK ME

Lighting for filming

move over ring lights – if you need serious lighting then this is for you, this panel light is a handy solution which solves all your lighting issues. I have this lamp and it comes in a cool little case. it is dimmable and have settings from warm to cool whites. seriously great options (and affordable) for filming and facebook live’s.  >>>CLICK ME

Day Light lamps

I have had my daylight lamps for over 12 years now and they are still going strong. Mine are very old and a lot more expensive than these babies. I have two of them on either side of my work desk so there is no shadow on my work and the light is even, You can use these lights on either side of your lighting box to which will create the perfect light for your work to stand out. >>>CLICK ME

Your Best self

Structure, focus, balance and awareness, here are my suggestions for surviving life. 

5 second rule

This book can literally change everything for you. If your stuck in repeating the same old patterns, if you can’t motivate your self to get things done, start eating properly or even (I have to say it sorry, exercising) then this book is a must read (or listen, ideal for that early morning dog walk, plus gets that calory burn in too).

So yes this is a self help book, but don’t panic, it is not overly fru fru and definitely a quick and easy read (or listen with audible). Mel Robbins gets to the point and make sense in a 21st-century language. Available on Kindle, Audible, and traditional hardback! Click the link to find options. 

My favourite books

So amazon have let me share my favourite books with you, check out my influencer page here >>> click me