Acrylic Foundation Student Kit

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Everything you need for your beginners Acrylic course. We provide only the best brands and tools in your kits. Kits will have the basics you need to start your career.

In your kit you will receive:

Crystal Nail Acrylic in Cover pink/White/Clear 17g

100ml CN monomer

100ml Spray Prep


CN A6 Acrylic Brush

CN Acid Free Primer

Dappen Dish

CN Butterfly Sculpting Forms

KB 150/180 files X 10

KB 220/240 files x 10

KB Buffers x 4

KB Double Ended Cuticle Pusher

KB Curved Cuticle Scissors

KB Form Tailoring Scissors

KB White Gel Pen

KB Pinching Clamp

Emoki Cuticle Oil

2 packs of 100 tips Pro Impressions - Square & Almond. 100 tipe per box.


Dust Brush

Tip Cutters

Soak Off Wraps 100

Lint Free Wipes

White Napkins

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