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The power of social media

From Chile to New Zealand, Iceland to Trinidad & Tobago, online education gives nail pros an opportunity to learn with Nail Techs from opposite ends of the globe. I am excited to boast that I have a student from every continent and almost every country. 

This map is just 148 of 500 students currently working through the 30 Nails in 30 Days Course. This course is an example of collaboration, commitment and drive by seasoned nail pro’s to improve themselves and what they offer others.

How amazing is that?! That is the power of online education. 

This blog post is not about this course it is about all courses, it is about the need to move our education online because of this pandemic and because technology allows us to. Nail pro’s all over the world are filming their skills and holding live teaching, free and paid for.

How amazing is that? When I first started, getting a nail education was limited, let alone finding inspiration. Now I get to work together with other nail pro’s to inspired and educate you.

My job is working with nail educators and providing a home for online education, giving nail professionals and creatives a platform to deliver their education. Little did I know when I was pouring through the one nail magazine in my bed when I first started, that this would be what I would be doing.

But creating courses and being able to deliver them through my fancy website and online academy gives me the opportunity to work with thousands of techs like you all over the world.

Part of this is marketing and social media, through my Nail Art @ Night series, the LIVES in the support groups for my courses and of course blog posts, I use social media as a tool in my business.

That means that social media is a big part of my day and I have been accused of many that I am ‘one of those who live on social’. Ha! This is far from the truth of it, actually, I am rarely on there for my personal life and don’t often post through my personal timeline, however, I do use social media as a point of contact. To inspire and inform nail professionals all over the world.

Why is it important? Well for me, connecting with my clients online where they are right now is how I can share what I have to offer. The same applies to you, and right now with the pandemic if you are locked down or not, there is one place we can connect with our clients.

Spend some time looking at your social media and how it can help you, making sure what you say is of worth to not just those who you post for but for yourself.

I actually have a free course, which covers the 7 different posting principles, in fact, because marketing is something I love to do, I have created a few different courses.

Nail it With Confidence merges the popular New to Nail Art Course giving you the fundamentals of nail art. Alongside this the tasks and posts, you need to make your business a success.

The Seven Principles is a deeper look into the business and the marketing part of your career.

The mini-marketing master class is a free look, with 7 videos to navigate your way through social media. There is more to it than posting about what you have to offer.

I was inspired by my 30 Days Portrait Challenge through Sketchy, to create a nail art and nail application course, with 5 other celebrated and award-winning educators. We have all been working hard over the last few months to bring you a set of lessons, 30 of them. which will help you in your business and your confidence.

Now you need to decide which set of values you hold that will say yes to investing in this course and in your self.

Check out this link – Doors opened November 1st and is discounted until December.

Learn From Anywhere In The World

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