So close you can smell it!

Not Close Enough To Lick It

You know when something is so close you can smell it, but far enough away that you can’t lick it …?

So maybe I’m craving food as I write this, but you know that feeling that you can see something finished, the visualisation is clear in your mind and your work is almost done.
But not quite done enough to taste the reward.

I get this feeling with every project, and it is at this point I end up stopping working on it. I have to force myself to finish what I started and I’m never sure why. Is it because I am scared to finish and be successful? Or I am just over the project?


Am I worrying that at this point, what I am doing will fail? Have I lost my confidence in my project or my abilities?

I can give you two examples, one real-life to me right now and well the other we can both share.

Art – Do you find that halfway through your art you’re like “Urghhhhh it’s too much work!”, or should I say too much hard work that you don’t want to do anymore. You have this wonderful vision, you start with great intentions, and around about the middle of your creative piece you have the colours where they need to be, the shape is right and you are starting to find that the vision you had before is now cloudy and muddy. I feel like this about this painting.


To all intents and purposes, it could be classed as finished. But it is not what was in my mind. The detail is missing, the unconsidered background needs to be well, considered. It all seems like way more work than I want to do, way more than I thought I needed to do when this idea came to me. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I feel it is not our innate lacklustre and laziness, it is protection. Our outdated ego, the inner us that tells us to do or not do things, is not up to date, so what it does is say, “Well maybe when you finish this it won’t be any good, so stop now and I will make up an excuse”. Or weirdly it might go – “When you do finish this it will be so good it will start a chain of events I can’t control, so stop now and I will make up an excuse”.

This is the part of ourselves which puts up roadblocks, which give us reasons to not do things. It what we need to listen out for and then IGNORE! Like seriously, think about what it is saying to you does it really make sense? No.

My website is another example, I have been putting this off for a few years now and it has come to a stage where it has to be done. I was excited actually and with Ethan able to help me, I figured we could get this done in no time. No time is now 3 weeks with another 2 weeks of work still to do, if anything this current progress is amazing, we are building a brand new membership site, my last one took 6 months. So I am at a stage now where I have figured everything out and all we have to do is input, edit and refine the information. So what happens? Well here comes that part of me that doesn’t want this to finish, that looks for extra issues and extraordinary reasons to stop.

I see you coming a mile off, Negative Nelly in the back of my head. Doubting Della who whispers in my mind. Now that I know you’re there, I can be the adult and decide on the right course of action. The mindful way forward, not the emotional way forward.

That is the key with creativity, we must be mindful of how we feel in those negative moments, that doubt that creeps in is not there to help you move forward, it is there to protect you, to say stop now, let’s curl up on the sofa and binge-watch Real Housewives together. Hey! I will even boil the kettle for your hot water bottle.

So now that you see it, hear it for what it is, make sure you say ‘ I am the boss, I am in control and I can do this’

Because you can you know.


So close you can smell it!

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