Welcome to your classroom. 

Hi my name is Sam Biddle and I will be shareing my secrets to fine tuning your fine lines today. 
🐮 You can add colour until the cows come home.
💅🏻 Obsess about ombre
🎨  and Master your marble.

But without fine tuning those fine lines skills

you can take a work of art and trash it in one stroke. 😲😳
Let me show you how to simplify this down to angles and viscosity. A simple solution which will change your nail art forever.

The problem most nail pro’s have with nail art is their fine lines.

Trust me with this lesson you will be able to up scale your nail art and be confident with selling your mini masterpieces. 💰🎨🖼️

My name is Sam Biddle and I am excited to share this nail art secret with you.  I am also going to give you 50% off the rest of this course.

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Your lesson

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