💎Learn how to apply Swarovski and precious Crystal’s.

💎 Create jaw dropping designs your clients will adore.

💎 Fine tune your applications and master pointed back, flat back and caviar bead placment. 

In this course you will learn correct application for your crystals and create various crystal placement looks.

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Hello and welcome to my first course in crystal placement, my name is Scarlett Senter and I have been in the nail industry for almost 10 years now.  

I developed this course because I get a lot of my students confused about the proper application of crystal they see available. from pointed back to flat, and the tiny to the large, this is one application, once mastered which will wow you clients and get them coming back for more. 

I will teach you how to apply Swarovski and precious Crystal’s, in  various designs and shapes and give you all my secrets to keeping those sparkles on the nail for a long time. Plus you will learn the correct application for your crystals and with the different crystal placement looks, have a range of looks to tease and tempt your clients to add  a little extra bling to their nails.

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to ‘nail’ crystal placement.


You will get 8 lessons in this course plus an invite to join my support group. Each lesson takes you throough crystal placment, in various designs and gives you ideads and insiration to develop your crystal design catalogue. These designs are perfect for the salon and along with my ‘what you need lesson, i have also put together a Scarlett Senter kit, from crystal parade. 

Lesson 1

This course will start by showing you the best tools and materials you need to create crystal placement for the salon. 

Lesson 2

Create a simple Collar design using popular crystals. The perfect starting point for crystal placement and an ideal look for the salon. 

Lesson 3

Using smaller crystal shapes this design will help teach you how to control the shape of your design, getting your crystals to sit where they want to before curing 

Lesson 4

This lesson will teach you how to create a Rhombus design and you will learn how to surround a shape with flat back crystals . 

Lesson 5

Creating a curve with caviar beans this is fabulous lesson for learning product control, and find a use for these pretty little balls of colour. 

Lesson 6

This heart shape design using caviar beads is stunning, and a great look for valentines on a ring finger. This lesson will show you the secrets to keeping your design tight and tidy.

Lesson 7

Learn how to use pointed back crystals and how to apply within an overall design. This design with its eastern influence is very on trend and defiantly a winner with your clients. 

Lesson 8

Use very small pointed back crystals, I will show you have to load crystals to the nail without making it feel over crowded. This delicate design sure packs a punch. 

Life time acces & support group

exclusive discounts on Scarlett’s crystal kit from crystal parade when you buy this course. 

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Your Inspired Educator is

Scarlett Senter

Hi my name is Scarlett Senter and I have been in the nail industry for almost 10 years now.  I live in kings Lynn, Norfolk and have my own nail salon and academy.

I am a global nail competition winner and recently won Nailympias division 3 art winner of winners and hold 3 scratch stars award titles. I have competed and placed all over the globe from Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, dubai, Australia and America.

I am incredibly passionate about our industry and look forward to sharing my knowledge with nail artists who are either just starting out in our industry or wanting to brush up on their skills.