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As an author, influencer and inspiration Sam Biddle asks the difficult questions, and tries to find a better way through the hard times. 

Having battled with cancer, depression, financial hardship and chronic back condition with crippling pain issues Sam is no stranger to struggle. But she continues to see life with a postivie mindset.  Rose tinted glassess and denial is her main coping strategy, but Sam is able to find a different outlook to most things. 

With years of therapy, life coaching and a mindful schedule, Sam continues to grow and evolve. She tracks her journey with her blog. She is able to sort through the darker moments and brings a ray of light and laughter in her words. 

If your a creative, not just a nail pro, but a harden lover of colour, and craft, then this is the blog for you. If you find the words a help, comfort or even insiteful, please leave a comment on her facebook page, maybe stay a while and check out the other cool stuff there. If you want to hit the like button, we won’t be mad. 

Enjoy, and stay inspired. 

Overcoming fear
Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear & the voice in your headMy number one mindset block when it comes to creativity is my self-talk, I tell myself, “This is a good idea, but I won’t be able...

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