nail art for clients

with Sam Biddle

💅🏻  Stay one step ahead of the competition with this course.

💫  Learn 13 different nail art look perfect for your clients. each technique is quick and easy, and of course unique.

💋  Learn how to develop your own style using new application techniques

Do you need some inspiration for your nail art.

Are stuck for ideas and lack the confidence to do amamzing naila rt your clients will want to pay for.

This course has lifetime access and ‘replay’ you can watch and repeat as many times as you want.

Now that is priceless! 

This course is perfect for someone who is stuck for ideas and wants nail art that sells.

Nail art for the salon, quick and easy techniques

13 designs

Each design is packed with ideas, and you are shown how to break each application down to use in your own style.

  • Gel polish
  • Pigments
  • Creating ombre’s with pigments
  • Sam’s secret to applying art over pigments
  • Creating fine lines with a brush
  • Using the nail art pen
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Shadows and highlights, making them work for you
  • Create 3D effects both paint, stamping with pigment, graffiti, flowers, abstract and more
  • Creating texture, adding swirls to your design, painting with pigments, working with your background and not against it
  • Different flower designs,
  • Abstract art
  • Texture
  • Water colouring, creating depth…the list goes on….

Learn, practise & repeat.

This is a collection of individual films, each demonstration is a detailed tutorial and I give you plenty of time to work alongside me, but be ready to hit pause when you need little extra time.

You will receive a workbook which you can print off, this contains the kit lists, step by steps, my top tips and practice pages.

Mini Master classes

There are also some mini masterclasses included in this course are; 

  • How to use the nail art pen
  • How to create fine lines with a brush
  • How to thin your paint down to use with the nail art pen

What you need.

The aim of this course is for you to be able to naila rt with the things you have already. I want you to be able to use all those little pots of glitter and stamps. This course will give you ideas and inspiration, plus the tools you need to develop a design in your own style. 

Copying other peoples looks will never be satisying, I want you to be able to come up with your own with confidence. 

Why Nail art?

All the nail art is perfect for the salon. Quick and simple looks which your clients will love You will learn a range of techniques and effects you use to create your own style.

You will never be stuck for ideas again, buy this course today and get ready for the next holiday on the calendar. 

Lifetime Access To This Course.

Buy and keep this course forever. Access your own personal nail art academy right here on this website. Simply register and enroll!

Everything you will need to learn this technique and wow those clients.

This course is our best value, with workable designs perfect to increase your profits in the salon. 

Your Inspired Educator is

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, before we can become a master. In this course I share my secrets to understanding water colour, and colour placement. As well as animal faces. both of my most favourite things to do when I paint. 

These animals, will help you attract the ahhhh’s and wow’s from your clients, this course is about practise and each nail will encourage and inspire your clients to have something on their nail. not only that it’s a fun thing to paint. 

For the past 10 years I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, but it’s all about enjoying the process and having fun. sometimes you will surprise yourself with a few simple tricks and a guide line you could paint anything. 

It’s your time!