Remember To Focus On One Thing At A Time

Don’t Build A Wall Just One Brick High

I saw the video below and it completely blew my mind and changed my way of thinking. In Fact, it inspired me to write this bog post. He really hits home how I have been feeling lately and helped me to realise the problems I was having.

The issue isn’t new, it is something I have been struggling with for quite some time now. It is a side effect of another part of me, the part of me that actually helps grow my business and improve my life when used correctly. You can think of it as an over active imagination and the motivation to continually innovate combined with a short attention span. To put it succinctly, I have a creative mind, which I’m sure a lot of you do too. It’s what makes us great nail techs, artists and businesswomen.

The problem with having a creative mind is that this constant influx of ideas is distracting to my overall growth. I find myself growing outwards rather than upwards, always staying at the same level. The problem isn’t a lack of success in these things, if anything it’s the opposite. I have an idea, I begin to act on it, it is well received and goes well so I leave it and start another idea, the same happens again and again and again.

It’s the succeeding at lots of things that is the issue, because it means I never build the one idea up high enough to get me the success that I am looking for from it. I am too eager to chase the next idea, to find the thrill in that, rather than take the time to build upon one idea further.

Confused? I don’t blame you, let me explain it like this. Imagine I am building a wall, each brick I place is a new idea that I have started working on. Each new exciting idea and concept that I’ve had, maybe my marketing courses, art career or mentoring, each brick placed side by side making a very short wall.

So now my wall is only one brick high and my house is very little. Yes I have lots of ideas and lots of bricks, but my success is only at its first level. But instead of building a very long one brick wall, what if I instead placed another brick on top? What if instead of getting excited and trying something new, I took the time to develop on an idea until it became bigger and better? Instead of a one brick high line, I would have a tower of bricks, each one adding strength to the others.

Focusing on just one thing may well get tedious and boring. But when you find that boredom creeping in you will start being creative again, this time though, with your mind focused on just this one thing you will see where to change it up a little and where things need to be added. Stop taking a bite out of a new meal evey time you get bored of the taste, add some salt and pepper to your creativity.

So my advice to you, and this is something I have learned myself in the last 30 days, is that it’s best to try something, just one thing for a period of time. Don’t do this just because I said so, do it to get better at what you want to do. Build something better and stronger than a wall one brick high.

Remember To Focus On One Thing At A Time

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