Rebecca Issac

Meet Rebecca Issac

Hi, my name is Rebecca Isaac, I am a wife, mother to 3 grown up children, I am an award-winning nail artist, salon owner and educator for the brand Nail artists UK. I Qualified in nail and beauty in 1993 after attending college for 2 years straight from school. I originally qualified in nail enhancements with Star Nails and NSI. I opened my first salon at the age of 21 “Rebecca Nail and Beauty where I offered both, at this time Nail art was fairly new and no one was offering it as a service in my area once I started playing about with nail art, I quickly knew this was my calling, I stopped beauty treatments altogether. In 1997 I had some time out to have my firstborn, 2001 I opened my second salon ” Finicki Nails “ in 2003 I gave birth to twins this time I didn’t slow down I had 3 days off and kept working with 27 years’ experience in the salon, I started my journey in competition and training in 2016 and have entered numerous competitions and prepared by training with some of the best in the industry.  I believe it is so important to further education, the industry moves so fast and training keeps you up to date with new trends and services. This is what has enabled me to progress, better myself and give me the confidence to enter competitions. my accomplishments are as follows. 

2017 professional beauty (London excel) mix media box art 2nd place. 

2017 professional beauty North mix media boxed art 1st place.

2017 professional beauty North one stroke boxed art 2nd place 

2018 professional beauty excel mix media boxed art 1st place. 

2019 The nail games midland expo 2nd place Boxed art

scratch stars 2018 and 2019 one stroke nail artist of the year

I love all things nail art I am drawn to realistic art, which is probably why I love one stroke so much, but I think my nail art is quite varied, I enjoy competition work with detailed art that takes hours to do one face, but I love the challenge of replicating and simplifying it for salon art. I am particularly passionate about one stroke nail art because of how the technique gives depth and perception to a design I love how it brings a picture to life with the blends of colour, clients are always amazed when they have it. I discovered Nail artists 8 years ago I became an educator for them 7 years ago, I love sharing my skills and experiences with others, I love helping people to improve their skills and being able to watch their development and confidence grow is amazing. 2020 will be the year to remember so much has happened in March of 2020 I gave up my big salon and made a little one at home, not being able to work in the salon has given me precious time to think and reflect on moving forward, I have been wanting to teach online for a while, with help from Sam, Ethan and the Be inspired team this is going to happen! I can’t wait to share my tips and tricks that I have discovered so far on my journey through the nail world with you all and I’m looking forward to watching you all grow and develop on your own journeys.