Why am I givng away this lesson? 

Portraits is one of the hardest parts of art, but does it have to be? I have spent years mastering it, and sometimes I don’t always get it right. so I have formulated the  CRT Method, where i can teach you how to break faces down.

In this course you will learn lips, eyes, ears and everything inbetween. But i can see it is always hard for people to say yes, because that age old ememy sneak up on you. DOUBT! so I thought what can i do to show you how easy it is, and if you can acheive one small part of a face, then the possibilities would be limitless. 

So I have stolen this lesson from the course and giving it away for free. It is one of the bigger lessons, and I am doing this to show you it is possible to master portraigts. I look forward to seeing your results. 

Sam x