Perfectionism Kills Creativity

Nothing will be perfect, so stop trying to be…

My life’s purpose is to help you understand that perfectionism is the enemy of creativity and life in general.

All of us carry this false belief that we have to get closer to perfection before we are ready and that this is important. I sometimes think I still have to learn, prove myself and perfect myself before anything I do is ok.

Like an Olympic relayer that hasn’t figured out exactly what they are going to do on every run. I don’t know if I will be the first in this marathon, but I should be a major participant in the race right. Goodness knows why I am using running as an analogy here, I hate it. 

I realise that being part of the race and not consider it as a marathon is the belief I need to heal myself. While being a perfectionist has served me well this belief has brought me the barest, most pathetic rewards.

The life of our dreams and the freedom from financial constraints is just an illusion of “getting closer to perfection”. It is literally an illusion. We can’t get close to perfection. So growing up as a perfectionist has been that way for me.

When I was a practising perfectionist (going way too far) I did sometimes have some excellent results, but more often I could not translate those excellent results into more business and life achievements, and that surely contributed to my feelings of frustration and inferiority. But here’s the good news. The occasional victories reflect a healthy desire for change brought on by my true alignment with my power and inner guidance in the Universe. 

I grew through those occasional losses because that is just the kind of journey I wanted to experience. I’ve come to realise that as I can learn to love myself and connect to my power (often reported as “belief in oneself” or “personal integrity”) I will choose to be healthy and genuinely happy. I’ve come to know that I am here to accomplish a mission, and the mission of my life is to heal myself.

I have an expanded awareness that all the doors that have been opened for me, including the doors that have not materialised, have led me closer to the reason they were opened in the first place. Digest that with your coffee and biscuits. 

Let me ask you;

What did you want to do in life? 

How did you want your life to be? 

For many, if not most of us, our answer to those big questions was to be found within the context of what we could afford. Wealth and Spiritual Growth. 

My life wasn’t making any sense, not really. All I could see was my money, work, my actions and my thoughts. Until I took responsibility for who and how I felt. Then everything became crystal clear and pointed in the direction that is unique for only me. 

The only thing I know for certain is that nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. That nothing can change how I feel, accept how I feel. 

 I have the tools, and equipment to go live, host a Talk show with Mel and film courses, EVERY WEEK. Why not combine all this knowledge together and hold a “live event’.

So I am inviting you to spend the weekend with me and my special guests; Melanie Lewendon, my co-host of the Mel & Sam Show, and Rebecca Issac, our 30 Nails in 30 Days educator!

Moving online we have a broadcasting suite filled with a bunch of cool tools to make this a great weekend of learning, gossip and laughs!

Perfectionism Kills Creativity

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