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A winning piece for Nail Oympics 2021

🏆Nailympia Award winning Fantasy Queen of Hearts course.

👸 Learn the art of creating fantasy figures on any extreme nail base.

❤️ Master acrylic application, for competitons or practise. 

I have recorded this course in real time and so you have many hours of education which you can pause and return to as time allows.

I will show you how to create the Queen of Hearts on a Dragon nail base, – you can lern how to complete a dragon nail shape with Katie Barnes course here.  

wow your clients * enter a competition * or just enjoy the creative learning *

Hello and welcome to my Nailympia Award winning Fantasy Queen of Hearts course. Fantasy nail art is my absolute favourite art medium to create using little other than acrylic liquid and powder along other nail products and a few bits and bobs you may find around the house.

As an international award winning artist I have won a number of prestigious awards for my fantasy work and I want to share my secrets, tips and tricks with you to create truly beautiful and wonderous pieces of art to either set you on the road to competing in Fantasy competitions or to stretch your skills and to wow your clients in the salon.


My aim for you within this course is to teach you the art of creating fantasy figures on any extreme nail base. I will show you how to create the Queen of Hearts on a Dragon nail base, the course will cover the decoration only so you have the option to create your Queen of Hearts on a competition tip or if you wish to learn how to create an extreme nail base the fabulous structure queen herself Katie Barnes has a separate course within the Be Inspired platform covering many different nail shapes both extreme and salon friendly which will be perfect to decorate with fantasy figures.

I will walk you through how to start the journey from inspiration to creating shapes entirely out of a little kitchen foil and liquid and powder acrylic. We will cover building a human face from acrylic and giving the face expression and movement. We will take a detailed look at creating realism in your work and crispness which is essential for competition work.

We will also finish with crystal placement to further enhance your work but not so much as to over power it.

As an added bonus I will also teach you how to create supporting art to compliment the main character of your fantasy work by means of a Mad Hatters tea party inspired nail decoration.

I truly hope that you enjoy this course , crisp Fantasy work is not a quick technique and as I want you to fully absorb every brush stroke I have recorded this course in real time and so you have many hours of education which you can pause and return to as time allows.

I love seeing my students work and so I invite all students to my student support group in Facebook… Paula Marie Spencer-Room101 to share your work and ask for guidance or constructive feedback. I am here to help and guide you to reach the same if not greater success than I have achieved within the Fantasy Nail Art world.

Much Love Paula

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to ‘nail’ a winner design.


Where to Begin

Within this lesson we will take a look at inspiration, where to find it and how to interpret a theme to enable you to formulate a plan of action when creating Fantasy work. I will show you where I found the inspiration for The Queen of Hearts and how I decided on the theme. I will walk you through how I avoid inspiration black holes and how I plan out a design in a pleasing fashion.

The Queens Head

This is the first step in creating our Queen of Hearts.  Within this lesson we shall be taking a look at creating our Queens head, the steps I take to start the process using just my acylic, brush and a little kitchen foil and wire. I will walk you through the elements of the head, how to create individual facial features and how to create emotion in the face.

Let there Be Hair

Once we have created the Queens head, we need to give her hair. I will show you how to achieve volume and movement in hair all using acrylic. We will take a look at creating a Tudor hair style which is in keeping with the Queens planned styling.

Her Majesties magnificent Bust

What is a Queen without her magnificent bustier, within this lesson we will take a look at creating our Queens body ready to be attached to our nail base. We will take a look at building a strong bust line befitting a Tudor Queen. We will look at shaping and bead control using the bead density and the kolinski brush.

Collars and Corsets

My plan for my Queen of Hearts included a Tudor style dress and so I show you within this lesson how to create a curved high collar to surround our Queens head and what steps you need to pre-plan to avoid making your paint work harder in the long run. Fantasy work is half creativity and half engineering.

The Regal Finger

To create dramatic poise within my Queen design I show you how to build a hand in miniature detail with her finger pointing skyward in an assertive manner, once again portraying emotion. Creating this hand is one of the more complex activities of this design and so I will teach you how I create hands in my figures

She’s all a little Armless

In this lesson we will cover building the Queens arms. In this lesson I show you how to create the arm with the pointing finger however the same process is used in the arm holding the scroll. I show you how to build up the puffy sleeve without wasting precious colour acrylic powder and how to attach the arm and shape of the arm to give the most pleasing shape.

Roll and Scroll

I will show you how to create the scroll element of the design using nothing more than an Orange stick. We will also look at my method of using acrylic paint and medium to shade your figure to create more realism and depth. Acrylic paint can leave a slight sheen to the surface and so to avoid this I show you my method of achieving a matte flat colour to shade your fantasy work to give the more realistic appearance to non shiny surfaces such as fabric and paper.

Her Crowning Glory

What would a Queen be without her crown! We will cover the process of creating the Queens crown and how to make up the elements of her heart shaped crown. We will be using Arabella forms within this lesson to create the curvature of the heart shapes evident in the crown and also using flocking powder to give the illusion of velvet.

The Crowning Jewels

To give our queen the bling she deserves I show you how I attach crystals not only to my fantasy figures but also to my clients nails, these babies are never going to drop or rub off.


We’re all Mad Here


It’s Important that when we are creating a set of nails for competition that your accompanying nails follow your theme seamlessly. Within this lesson I will show you elements of my Mad Hatters Tea Party nail including the Hatters Hat and Tea cups. We will look at templating in order for complex shapes to fit together seamlessly. We will be taking a look at using dimensional shapes together such as the curvature of a nail c curve against the curvature of the Tea Cups.

Lewis’s Book of Wonderland

Within this lesson I will show you how I created my Lewis Carroll nail within my Queen of Hearts set. I will take you through the stages of building Lewiswriting book along with the key to Wonderland. We will make use of Arabella forms and stamping plates to achieve this 18th Century book.

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Your Inspired Educator is

Paula Spencer

Hi my name is Paula Marie Spencer and I am your educator for this course.

I believe good education and constant practice is key to improving your skills both in the salon and on the competition floor. I love to see my students stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone to grow both in their art and as a person and I am so looking forward to working with you.