Hi, my name is Paula Marie Spencer and I believe good education and constant practice is key to improving your skills both in the salon and on the competition floor. I love to see my students stretch themselves outside of their comfort zone to grow both in their art and as a person and I am so looking forward to working with you.

Right here on this website, you will find my courses, each one built to give you a more detailed view of the application. I aim to teach you the intricate parts of nail art and application.

My Courses

Paula Spencer: Disney Princess in Detail. 


In this course, you will learn the techniques of gel and fine line painting to create realistic looking characters and wow your clients or to compete in art categories at national and international level competitions.

This course shows you how to create any  disney character and the process and techniques required in order for you to paint it in detail.

In this course you will learn;

  • What to look for when choosing a reference picture to paint.
  • What details you need within your reference picture in order to be able to paint your character in detail.
  • How to prepare your reference image and your nail tip to give you the best possible result.
  • I will teach you how to achieve ultra-fine lines, what brushes to use along with what paints to use.
  • We will also be covering how to transfer an image to your nail tip ensuring you have a recognisable character… and that’s all before we even pick up a paint brush!
  • I will teach you how to start the process of mixing your colours
  • Learn to paint skin tone along with the facial features, hair, accessories and clothing.
  • The devil is definitely in the details so we will be paying close attention to shading.
  • We will look at highlight, low lights and giving your final piece a little bit of Disney sparkle.

I truly hope you enjoy this course and I look forward to seeing your work.

Who built these courses?

Paula Marie Spencer is a guest educator and one of the Be Inspired first students.

Paula came to the nail industry later in life after a 25 year career in the Banking industry, with her wealth of experiences within this field it has given her a firm foundation in personal client care and customer service. After finding Be Inspired, Paula discovered that she loved creating nail art to the extent that she decided to re-train within the nail industry and changed her career opening her own home salon in 2017.

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Within a short period of time Paula’s passion for this industry has led to her competing on an international level at Nailympia London where she took to the podium and won 3 gold medals for Fantasy Complete Look, Art Winner of Winners and Runway Nails all in Division 1 and 3 Masters Division.

Paula’s passion for pushing herself outside of her comfort zone has seen her not only competing on an international level but also taking the step to use her experiences and skills to help other nail artists to expand on their skills also. Paula has now joined forces with Rebecca Orme, Scratch stars winner, celebrity session nail artist, mentor and UK distributer of Mystic Nails to provide her students with quality, in depth certified education across various nail systems and she has also released a range of online and in salon art classes to help improve nail artists abilities of all levels.

Paula believes that the only way to grow as an artist or a person is to push through comfort zones to experience new experiences to learn and grow taking regular training courses herself to further her own abilities and to keep up to date with new techniques within the industry in order to not only provide her own clientele with the latest techniques but to also educate her students within class . She feels it is important to continually take educational courses and classes with many different educators as each educator has their own style of teaching, experiences and skill set to pass onto their students.

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