Overcoming Fear

Overcoming fear & the voice in your head

Overcoming fear

My number one mindset block when it comes to creativity is my self-talk, I tell myself, “This is a good idea, but I won’t be able to achieve it”, and “If I do it, it won’t be good enough, even if it is,  what’s the point?”

That is the conversation I have with myself when it comes to pushing forward and doing any form of creativity. It’s overcoming that fear that unlocks your potential.

So here’s how I overcome it – I turn around, squint my eyes at the beastly conversation forming in my head, and point my finger. I might even waggle it and say through gritted teeth.

“Shut the fu*k up, you don’t know anything besides…” I SAY WITH A FINAL SHRUG AS I TURN MY BACK ON IT, SMILING OVER MY SHOULDER ‘ “I want to do it because I like it”

It works every time when overcoming fear. Try it.

Do what you want, when you want to, allow the fates to call on your creativity and let it flow through your fingers.

You see this kind of internal chatter is just fear, and it is that wisdom of knowing it is just fear and consider it as an enemy that will help you to take action.

So imagine that little voice in your head as a separate person, your other side, the fearful side the ‘I am not good enough’ side of you.

Those that fear will do whatever it takes to distract us from the initiative to change, even if they are faced with undeniable evidence to say they are wrong, they will pursue their belief that they are right no matter what.

So that part of you, filled with fear will try to attack against change and totally charm us away from it.  They’ll feed your creativity with the thought of inadequacy, say you don’t have time, skills, talent or money to do the things you want. It will keep you in the place it wants you to stay. Stuck, alone and with it.

Addiction therapy teaches you that any addiction wants to do the following;

  • Separate you
  • Isolate you
  • and destroy you.

So this is how it starts, with fear. It separates you from the truth, your truth.

You then start to feel inadequate and saddened that you don’t have the confidence to do what you really want to, even though the truth is you can do anything, therefore deep down it provides you with that inner conflict. You become isolated. You are withdrawn, depressed and repressed. You isolate from the world, your family and society.

The next part is your destruction, you can see where this is heading.

Now I am not saying you’re an addict, but I am saying that if you don’t fulfil your destiny, your desire and use the passion and craft within you, your addiction will see the weakness (we are all prone to addiction in some form) and then you will start down the sticky path.

So what will the future house of cards be if we don’t create, how does a new “fearless” creativity change our future?

When we say “I can’t because…”, we allow fear to rule our lives. But if we push aside the thoughts of ‘not enough’ then maybe by doing what we like, what we want or what we love more opportunities are allowed to flow

The vessel that drives our lives is our perception. The fear you think is there is just a perception.

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Overcoming Fear

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