hand painting & fine lines

“Art is not what you see, its what you make other see”

Fine lines are the fundamental to all of your nail art processes. It’s one of the things you must master if you want to produce neat tidy crowd pleasing designs and the first nail art skill you should learn. 

Fine Lines Edu Mat

Fine Line Edu-mat

  • Designed and illustrated by Melanie Lewendon
  • Reusable Practice mat sent to your home, for use with gel paint and acrylic paint
  • Online education with each step broken down
  • Proven methods for consistency
  • Full support

The basis to any nail art you do. Fine lines should be the first technique you learn. Let me guide you by using my proven method ! 

Sams Portraits Course

  • Learn how to paint portraits and more with this amazing in depth course
  • Sam will show you male and femail faces
  • Side and front facial profiles
  • Sketching
  • Mixing skin tones
  • Composition of eyes, lips and ears

Always wanted to paint faces on a mini canvas, But you have no idea where to start ! Sam takes you on a journey of discovery making portraiture more accessible and doable than you think ! 

Disney Princess Nail Art

Disney princess in Detail

Amazing nail artist Paula Marie Spencer gets “bippidy boppidy happy painting these gorgeous  princess designs

  • Learn how to compose your design
  • Learn fine lines
  • Learn about transferring from picture to nail
  • Learn about mixing skin tones
  • Learn about adding finishing touches

Has your client asked you to do a character design and you either didn’t attempt it or you was not pleased with your attempt ? This course will rid you of your character fears and have you bashing out sets in no time !


  • Learn the art of zhostovo
  • Animals and flowers expertly covered by Sam Biddle
  • Paints and how to mix
  • Brushes and how to use them
  • All techniques covered in depth

Zhostovo is an old art technique , usually used for painting the sides of canal boats but on the nail looks beautiul. Learn a whole new technique to wow your clients with this course.