Salon viable design courses

“Art is not what you see, its what you make other see”

             Using different mediums to create your salon viable designs can be a minefield ! Let us help you learn various techniques that can be changed and adapted to create 1000s of salon viable designs and hopefully spark your creativity. 

Pigment Marbling

make money in the salon

  • Learn designs to take into your salon work
  • Learn simple salon techniques that can be transfered to other designs
  • Designs that will inspire you to do more designs
  • Designs you can charge extra in your salon for

Various designs incorporating various mediums and techniques. Easy transferable skills ! 

Sams Portraits Course

  • Learn how to paint portraits and more with this amazing in depth course
  • Sam will show you male and femail faces
  • Side and front facial profiles
  • Sketching
  • Mixing skin tones
  • Composition of eyes, lips and ears

Always wanted to paint faces on a mini canvas, But you have no idea where to start ! Sam takes you on a journey of discovery making portraiture more accessible and doable than you think ! 

Disney Princess Nail Art

Salon viable designs vol1 

This course is absolutly brimming over with designs and techniques to create salon viable designs to knock your clients socks off !

  • Sam Biddle Lends her expert tuition to this amazing class
  • Ombre
  • Butterflys
  • Rose
  • Tropical Flowers
  • and much more .Full list HERE

More amzingness from sam with this salon viable course. Transferable skills simplified to help you understand and gain more nail art confidence for your clients.

Salon Viable mini course

  • Mini course presented by Sam Biddle
  • Pigment
  • Marbling
  • Puppies and cute sheep
  • Dairy milk chocolate , we got it all !!!

Learn more techniques for the craziest price ! Be warned,  you might just be tempted to do more !!!