one stroke courses

“Art is not what you see, its what you make other see”

What is one stroke painting ? One stroke painting is a technique using 2 or more colours on a flat or angled brush. The colours are blended together and used to make shapes which will make pictures ! Intrigued ? One stroke can be used for simple salon designs of more extravagant projects ! One thing’s for sure your clients will love it !

OneStroke Edu Mat

One Stroke Edu-mat

  • Designed and illustrated by Melanie Lewendon
  • Reusable Practice mat sent to your home, for use with gel paint and acrylic paint
  • Online education with each step broken down
  • Proven methods for consistancy
  • Full support

Learn how to choose paint, the right colours and how to blending correctly, achieve the right paint consistency and apply like a pro.

One Stroke Beginner Vol 1

  • 1st Course from Carol “Sheeny” Hailstone
  • Master One stroke nail art
  • Covering brushes, paints and set up
  • Learn the basics and work up to roses in this course

Do you want to to learn One stroke, but don’t have the time or money to attend 3-4 courses to get you where you need to be? This course has lifetime access and ‘replay’ you can watch and repeat as many times as you want. 

One Stroke Advanced Vol 2

  • 2nd Course from Carol “sheeny” Hailstone
  • The second one stroke course – pushing the boundaries.
  • Animals, christmas designs and other beautiful designs.
  • Learn the basics and work up to roses in this course

It is highly recommended you complete Course one before enrolling in this one. It covers all the basics, inclding the kit, brushes and application. 

Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream

IceCream Dream

  • Fun alternative one stroke with award winner, Rebecca Issac
  • With 6 Salon Viable OneStroke lessons in one place.
  • Learn to gel ombre the background
  • Learn key OneStroke techniques that you can use in the future.
  • Use what you learn from this course to create new designs.

Let Rebecca guide you through this fun course, using one stroke to create ice creams. One stroke nail art taken up a notch !