Make Money with Melanie Lewendon

🤦🏼‍♀️  Don’t just learn a design, master the technique.

🙋🏼‍♀️ Find out how to create a complete look over all 10 nails. 

🙎🏼‍♀️ Learn how easy it is to charge for nail art in the salon and make a profit

Melanie Lewendon shares her secrets to createing jaw dropping designs in minutes, plus talks about how she chrges and makes a profit through nail art in the salon. 

This course shows you how to create overall looks, over 5 nails, and some time saving tips thrown in. 

This course is not your standard, copy and reproduce the looks. we want you to start forming your own ideas and building your own portfolio.

This course has all of Mels Tips, tricks, advice and more for salon success with nails art.

I asked Melanie to join the education team at Be Inspired online, because she has such a brilliant energy, she can explain things easily which makes you smile as you work along side her. Melanie wants you to be successful and spending hours on a design for your clients will not make that happen. with both of your Be Inspired courses she shares her secrets to making good money with nail art and how to make a nail art look expensive but only take seconds to achieve. 

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to make money with nail art.


7 Lessons

You see nail art online, you admire others talents and wish you could do it too. But the practicalities of salon life get in the ay and you shy away from nail art, when your clients says those magic words, “I fancy something different.” 

4 Complete Looks

Nail art doesn’t have to be just glitter and ombre, a little marble and combine that with one show stopping nail or even an extra detail here and there and you can create a complete look your clients will rave about. 

12 application inspiration

It is not just about the nail art, it is down to the profit margins and bottom line. Trust me there is money in nail art. So why not do something you love and make some pennies from it. Those pennes soon turn into pounds and that = Jimmy Choos

Wow your clients

Join Melanie and learn how to create a client’s complete nail art look.Making money in minutes, Mel explains that being creative in the salon means keeping it simple. Using basic applications with the odd wow nail to pull a design together.


Lifetime access to this course.

Buy and keep this course. Access your own personal nail art academy right here on this website. Simply register and enroll. 


£29.95 lifetime access

Applying pre made tips

Creating pre made nail art tips has become the new normal, and Melanie shows you how to apply these in this course. 

On this course you will learn;

  • Sugaring
  • Fine Lines
  • Dry Brushing
  • Shadow Highlights
  • Time Management
  • Tearing Illusion
  • Mouse
  • Over Natural
  • Paws
  • Shapes
  • Texturing
  • Denim Effect
  • mixing mediums
  • Mattifying effect
  • delicate and details
  • Gel Painting
  • pigment ombre

I am sure there is more…

Your Inspired Educator is

Melanie Lewendon

I’ve been a qualified beauty therapist and nail tech for 10 years building a good reputation on solid customer service, unrivalled knowledge and an eagerness to learn and grow as a nail tech and therapist and pass this onto students in my academy and give my clients beautiful unrivalled treatments and nails. 

Im a firm believer in good solid education, and gaining as much knowledge about your craft as possible and pushing yourself beyond your limits.