10 Ways to…Pigment

with Sam Biddle

Learn how to create salon viable designs on this nail art pigment course.

Pigments are such a diverse and amazing material to use in nail art, but so many nail techs just don’t know how to get the most out of a little pot of powder.  I shall show you the simple technique to creating a perfect pigment for your applications and core foundations of any nail art design; like ombre and marbling. The scratch out technique will be covered in this course..as well as my washing up liquid technique!

With this collaboration between Be Inspired and my other brand Be Creative we are bringing you the first in our ’10 Ways To..’ series.

nail art pigment course

10 Lessons

Sam shows you that pigment nail art designs can be exciting!

Don’t panic if all you can do is an ombre. This course will show you ways to use pigments you might never have considered before. it will inspire new looks teach you different techniques. 

Nail Art Pigment Course

Range of styles

Learn how different pigments are great for different looks. So whether it’s bright neon nails or deep sultry colours, this course will teach you how to use these colours.

The designs in this course are client favourites and Sam explains the varied applications of pigments.

Choose your colours


Be Creative colours to inspire a hint of reflection.

Pigment colours that you can’t help but sigh over – calming, warm and comforting.


A delicate, opalescent pigment, the Brights collection of colours retain their vibrancy over either a light or dark base.


These beautiful light, shimmering pigments has a warm glow of gold shimmer through the pigment to give you a soft luminescence.


The Blues and Greens are totally different to any pigment colours we have released before, and they can be mixed and matched with the other pigments in the Be Creative range. You are going to love them!


What do you get in this course? 

Lesson 1

Ombre Scratch Out

Lesson 2

Pigment Marbling

Lesson 3

Painting with pigment.

Lesson 4

Create a Paint Effect

Lesson 5

layering Circles

Lesson 6

Fun French

Lesson 7

Filagree & spider gel

Lesson 8


Lesson 9


Lesson 10


Your Inspired Educator

Sam Biddle

From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics, before we can become a master. In this course, I will show you 10 different ways to use pigments in your nail art.

These designs, will help you attract the ahhhh’s and wow’s from your clients, this course is about the practice and each nail will encourage and inspire your clients to have something on their nail. not only that it’s a fun thing to paint. 

For the past 10 years, I have concentrated on making masters out of nail artists, but it’s all about enjoying the process and having fun. sometimes you will surprise yourself with a few simple tricks and a guideline you could paint anything. 

It’s your time!