The Sam Biddle Legacy Nail Art Course Collection

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This is a unique nail art online course, specifically designed to help you break free from relying on nail art tutorials by teaching the skillset you need to confidently turn any idea into nail art.

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What's In This Course?

16 modules - 124 lessons

Nail Art Tools & Tricks

Each module looks at a range of techniques using different tools and mediums, so whether it’s using a nail art pen, brush, pigments, or paints you’ll know what to do. 

We’ll also be perfecting fine art skills, including highlights, shadowing, sketching, planning, colour theory and so much more.

Gel Painting

Gel Painting is a different set of skills and tools compared with creating nail art and painting with acrylics. You’ll learn how to recreate delicate designs with ease and master a notoriously difficult technique without breaking a sweat.


Have you tried using watercolour in nail art? It’s amazing! This module will perfect the technique of Aquarelle while also showing you what works and what doesn’t – so you understand exactly how to create effective and client-ready aquarelle designs.

As with all lessons, we’ll also cover perspective, shadowing and highlighting to give your designs the edge.

3D Nail Art

As well as using acrylic, we also add in how to work with Plasticine Gel for the module on 3D Nail Art, so you don’t need to feel confident with acrylic to try these techniques!

Learn how to create elaborate 3D designs using different mediums in this module. and stretch your skills beyond the 2D.

Hand Painting

You can wow your clients with some wonderful works of art. Even if they don’t have a bold and beautiful bow or a broken heart, they might just be tempted with some simple lines, leaves, or even some lace.

It is time to dig out the paint and detail brush and put on those magnifiers because today my nail friend we become nail artists. 

From Inspiration to Art

How can you turn a piece of inspiration from fashion, a magazine, or nature and create your very own piece of art from it? These bonus lessons will help you discover your biggest inspirations and develop your style from there using some special challenges designed by Sam!


So many people approach Fantasy and think “No! I can’t do it!” It amazes them how quickly their skills and confidence develop as they practice designs and techniques. 

You’ll get comfortable using acrylic and will learn how to stay in control and create exactly what’s in your head. 


Learn the basics of Russian nail art application with this module. By applying two paints on one brush (similarly to One Stroke), it creates layers of colour perfect for florals. 

I find this simpler than OneStroke and it helps you master the light and dark areas of your subject.

Making Money With Nail Art

This is a great extra to this course, you will have access to Melanie Lewendon’s Making Money With Nail Art Course, giving you the fundamentals to developing your nail art in the salon for clients. Discover 4 great looks which can be done in less than 30 mins.

Cartoon Characters

Also adding this extra new module from Vikki Taylor Dodds on Hand Painting Cartoon Characters. This course will show you how to take a cartoon image and using shapes, turn it into sellable nail art, what’s not to love with Goofy on your nails?

When I started Be Inspired Online over 20 years ago, I never could’ve imagined the success online education would be, but it wasn’t always about online education. I traveled the world teaching nail pro’s the fundamentals of nail art and helped them realise their own style. 

After selling DVDs and USBs I started streaming my courses and was the first to provide a professional platform and online academy complete with feedback. 

The Legacy Course is the result of those first lessons ‘Nail-inar’s’, revised, refreshed and re homed. 

I turned my passion for art into a full-time business – and taught 1000’s of nail pro’s with my online classes, and 500+ hours of premium nail art and marketing tutorials, I have shown nail artists worldwide a range of every kind of art application. From hand painting, pigments, gel and acrylic. Fantasy and watercolour. 

Nail Art

While still keeping it simple, nail artists wanted a ‘next level’ course that delivered all the answers for a range of different styles and techniques in a step by step format.

Every module is separated into 6 or 7 different lessons, building on the subject of that module, learning Aquarelle, Zhostovo, Fantasy, 3D Flat Art, Advanced & Basics of Hand Painting all the way through to developing faces and animals.


I believe that confidence comes from competence, and through being creative with nail art you can find confidence and courage. 

The nail art part of Be Inspired Online is the core element of this course, you will have access to over 124 different nail art lessons, covering a range of different applications. You will also be able to add other modules to your account.


Confidence doesn’t come from creativity alone, it comes through learning and practicing. Lifetime Access means that you can keep trying a technique over and over again until you’re mastered it.

Helping you overcome creative blocks and raising your skill levels.  

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"We are artists, not just nail techs."


I signed up to beinspired to make me do more nail art instead of just doing standard nails, and so I made more time to be creative.

It’s made me put time aside to follow the course 

Sam has given me more confidence in myself her comments on my work has helped me to improve my work.

Learning on line is much better for me as I can go at my own speed. 

Learning online has also made me discover I can do things I never thought I could.

Sam Biddle is an amazing teacher and artist.


Jacqueline Gilpin


Before inspired for life my nail art was basic and boring. The dotted flowers and the flicks everyone does. 

I had loads of ideas, after seeing them on all the social media sites, but I just didn’t know how to get them from my head on to clients nails. 

Then I found be inspired online. I went through course content and it had everything I wanted. Pigments, water colour which I love, fine lines and swirls, and some bits I never thought I could achieve! I would learn all of this but with no time limits and with access to Sam to ask questions. I could do this course day time, night time, I didn’t even need to leave my pjs! 


When I signed up for Be Inspired I had lost my creative mojo, I had resulted in copying designs and doing basic nail art. 

Sam’s course attracted me because I could learn at my own pace and whenever I had time. It was easily accessible, I could watch the videos whilst eating lunch cooking tea etc and then give them a go later.

After completing the first lesson I felt my mojo returning, I was thinking about new designs, new methods and techniques. My clients love my art and can’t wait to see what I have created. This course has given me confidence in my art and business… it isn’t just a nail art course, it’s a community, it’s support, and its inspiration.  I have loved every moment. 

Keron Finny

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What are some of the amazing results Be Inspired Online members have seen since they joined?

  • Having the confidence to enter, compete, and WIN at Nailympia and other industry competitions.
  • Becoming the Head Educators for regional and national nail companies
  • Growing hugely in confidence and skills.
  • Developing their business and building something to be proud of. 
  • Moving away from stickers, stamps, and gems, to confidently creating original nail art
  • Seeing work become more refined and detailed… And have clients LOVE it!
  • Moving from boring office jobs to retraining as a nail technician and running their own successful salons!


That’s me, Sam BiddleFrom one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics and yep, we need a little inspiration when it comes to business. 

I can show you just what you can do with a brush, dotting tool, a small pot of paint and some polish,  but that’s not enough. The art of business, marketing and social media are what we need to learn so we can continue to be creative and do the job we love.  The secret, the real power to success is in duplicating the success of those who have already done the hard work, made the mistakes, and found the golden ticket. I’m looking forward to helping you get equipped for YOUR success.
Why Join Today?

I really believe that we need to have confidence in our own abilities. We need that inner knowledge that we ARE good enough and the drive that gives us to share our art with our clients. We all have our secret weapons and showing you how to get the most out of your nail career through the medium of nail art is my superpower. 

Did you come here wanting to learn nail art? Well, you will walk away with a lot more than that!