Want to learn something new but…

  • You’re not sure which is the right course for you?
  • You want to learn new nail art styles but aren’t ready to invest in a full course?
  • You’re looking for a taster of an application or educator’s style to try before you commit to a full course?
  • Or you simply don’t have the time to do a full in-depth course? 

Be Inspired Online launched the ‘Inspired Space‘ and ‘30 Nails in 30 Days‘ to help you try new exciting techniques, sample different educators styles and have access to a range of different nail art applications without breaking the bank. 


We have helped 1000’s of nail pros learn online and find the perfect course for them. With our new monthly nail art subscription, we aim to help even more.

Join the Be Inspired Online Monthly Masterclasses and each month you will receive…

Join our Monthly Nail Art Subscription

Each month you will receive:

  • A masterclass from each of the educators. Each masterclass has a minimum of 3 lessons in a range of different applications.
  • A Facebook LIVE on marketing, mindset or nail art tips.
  • Q&A session to give feedback
  • Access to a members-only group
  • Discounts and special offers each month connected to the course you are learning.

1st Tuesday of the Month

Receive your first Masterclass containing your first 3 lessons. That’s right, we kickstart each month with an introduction to your educator and their 3 nail art lessons.

2nd Tuesday of the Month

You’ve got the design but are you ready to sell it to your clients? Join the Facebook LIVE masterclass on topics like marketing or mentoring in the Members Only Group. 

3rd Tuesday of the Month

By now you’ve practiced the lessons from your first masterclass and are eager for more. So it’s time to start your second Masterclass from your next Educator. 

4th Tuesday of the Month

Having some issues with the nails in any of the masterclasses and need some help? Take part in the Facebook LIVE Q&A Feedback Session.

What will you learn?

Giving you access to different educators and lessons


Hi there, my name is Sam Biddle and I have developed a range of online courses for Nail pro’s, I have opened up my website doors to different online tutors too, giving you a wealth of nail education.

This subscription gives you access to two smaller courses each month and invites you to try out different educators as well. It also includes access to a closed group with additional Facebook LIVEs and Q&A feedback sessions, plus we have teamed up with some great brands who will help you buy even more nail mail. Who doesn’t love nail mail?!

I have developed this subscription as an additional way to keep educated, whilst working and not miss out on some fantastic nail pro’s courses because you can’t invest the time and money at the time. This subscription makes it affordable to keep up to date with your nail knowledge.


We will be covering all areas of nail application, so join today, and try us out.


This months low down!

Here is what we have for you in May 2021

Get started with alcohol inks

Sam Biddle will be taking you through a  masterclass on Alcohol Inks, find out the best surface to work on for what you want, plus learn how to create this flamingo too, We haven’t forgotten about salon-friendly designs and there is a cute floral look your clients will love.

Marketing masterclass

Join us in the exclusivie Be Inspired Online forum for a monthly masterclass on anything marketing. this week we will be creating a story for instagram using canva. find out why, what and when you should pst your stories and watch as Sam Biddle screen shares her process.

Queen of hearts portrait and 3D flowers

Paula Spencer is our guest educator this month and you will learn how to create a portrait of the Queen of Hearts.

Offer of the Month

Chromainks have partnered up with us this month, and you will be able to get the inks you need for this course with an exciting discount.

Plus get % of Mystic nails too

Both Paula and Sam are using mystic nails in their design, why not try out the la grande gel or Sam’s firm favorite is the Matt and Go top.Become a subscriber to benefit.

Whats coming up!

June 2021

Melanie Lewendon is taking you back to Nursury this month.  Join us and you  will be creating the  a 3D mixed media design. Part of her NEW Nursury rhymes course. If your new to 3D and fantasy this is a brilliant way to dip your toes.

Go back to the nail Art fundementals with 3 techniques every nail artisit should have to make money in the salon. Sam will be teaching you sme nail art fundementals, perfect fine lines, marbles and more this month.

Join us in our live masterclass, for more social media marketing top tips. 

JULY 2021

Rebecca Issac’s is our guest educator this month,, if you are still sketchy about one stroke, join her in these 3 masterclasses, covering everything you need to get started. plus find out how a simple colour blend can turn into a detailed Turtle. Yes Rebecca will take you from a complete novice to oh wow I really did that.

This month we will also be visiting landscapes. in various different mediums and looking at perspective and style. working over 3 tips, 1 single tip and how to incorporate this into a salon style. 

The marketing masterclass will give you an insite to the insights. what are you looking at and what do the mean for you.  



Monthly Nail Courses

Get two courses every month, with a minimun of 3 lessons in each one, covering all areas of nails and nail art. there will be 2 different educaotrs providing you a varied online learning expereince. try out techniques, sample different styles and learn the application process not just copy a design. 


Feedback & Q&A

Join us on the last Tuesday of the month for a feedback session LIVE, we will take a look at your nail art results and discuss some other areas of both masterclasses.



Receive exclusive discounts on nail products and new courses when you become a member of this subscription.

Join our Monthly Masterclass

Each month you will receive 4 different masterclass. 

  • 2 Nail courses from each of the spot light educators that month. Each masterclass has a minimum of 3 lessons in a range of different applications.
  • A Facebook LIVE on marketing, mindset or nail art tips.
  • Q&A session to give feedback and answer questions through a live. 
  • Access to a members-only group
  • Discounts and special offers each month connected to the course you are learning.

Join today and get the first month half price. Pay £9.99 today and get access to the full month’s lessons subscription is £17.99 per month 

You will have your monthly masterclasses on your Be Inspired Online dashboard and unlock a new masterclass every other week.