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So you want to learn something new but…

  • You’re not sure which is the right course for you?
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Each month 2 NEW Masterclasses will be added to The Vault.

So whether you’re already a subscriber who missed out on some past Masterclasses or you’re not a member and want to ‘Pay As You Go’. You can grab each individual Masterclass here.

Each Masterclass contains a minimum of 3 lessons and is a great way to get a taste of a larger course or a new technique.

Alcohol Inks with Sam Biddle

The Alcohol Inks Masterclass will show you the basics of using different Isopropyl Alcohol percentages and how they interact with the inks. As well as two stunning designs.

Get it for £12.50!

Portraits with Paula Spencer

Paula Spencer continues with her love of Alice in Wonderland, not content with her Fantasy Queen of Hearts Course, Paula’s created a ‘Queen of Hearts’ inspired portrait Masterclass.

Get it for £12.50!

Nursery Rhymes with Mel

Mels Masterclass turns a classic Nursery Rhyme into a Fantasy nail art design you are going to LOVE! If you’re not sure about 3D Mixed Media or Fantasy, this chance to give it a try.

Get it for £12.50!

Back To Basics with Sam

Sam will be showing you how to take your client’s ideas and inspiration and turn them into nail art that they will love. Next time a client hands you a cloth and asks for ‘nails like that’ you’ll be ready.

Get it for £12.50!

Landscapes, Seascapes & Mountains With Sam

Learn how to use perspective, shadows and highlights to create realistic-looking landscapes and Seascapes. Whether your design is across 3 tips or just one, learn the techniques to create amazing Landscapes.

Get it now for £12.50!

Rebecca Isaac OneStroke Masterclass

Wonderful OneStroke With Rebecca Isaac

Rebecca Isaac will teach you the skills you need to create incredible OneStroke Nails. Inspired by the Summer heat the masterclass will look at a super cool Ice Cream design.

Get it now for £12.50!

Extreme Shapes with Angelique Blenckner

Angelique’s Extreme Shape won Nailympia Gold in the ‘Invent a Shape’ Category in 2021. This masterclass includes not just the shape and how to create it, but also includes the different artwork on top of the nail, except the Crystal 3D Flower.

Get it for £12.50!

French Fashion Inspired with Paula Spencer

Learn how to transfer an image from paper to the nail tip, proportions and clip art painting. Take a look at painting fine lines, how to make a set flow and how to plan. Create different salon viable sets using just 5 simple feature nail designs.

Get it now for £12.50!

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