Marketing Is Like Breathing

Breathe Deep

Breathe in so deeply your chest hurts like it’s about to burst, then hold it, hold it until you cannot bear the feeling anymore, until all you want to do is let it all go.

When you breathe out… Can you feel the flow of energy that runs through your body in tiny ripples under you skin.

Now stick with me when I say this.. But this is what it feels like marketing on social media.

Before you think I’ve lost the plot let me explain. When you post randomly throughout the day it’s like taking short shallow breaths randonly without thinking.

With a plan in place though it might feel uncomfortable you are in control of those breathes in and out again. Now I know you don’t sit thinking through and planning each breath you take. But it is the flow of energy that is important.

You may think that planning isn’t a good use of your time, posting on the fly means that you don’t have to think about your posts. That’s the problem, your posts need to flow.

That flow of energy is your intention, that consistent flow of information and connection to your clients has a far deeper ripple effect than you could ever realise.

So let me ask you this one thing… Did it kill you? No, it actually made you stronger.

Be brave and take a breath… It will save you time.

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Marketing Is Like Breathing

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