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Sam Biddle

Hi, my name is Sam and even though I come from a creative background, I know it just doesn’t pay to be artistic. From one creative to another, we all need to understand the basics and need a little inspiration when it comes to business.

I can show you just what you can do with a brush, dotting tool, a small pot of paint, and some polish. But mastering these techniques isn’t quite enough. The art of business, marketing, and social media is another technique you need to master so we can continue to be creative and do the job we love.  The secret to success is in duplicating the success of those who have already done the hard work, made the mistakes, and found the golden ticket. I’m looking forward to helping you get equipped for YOUR success.
Let me show you how I have taken my business from broken to a 6 figure empire – did I say that I make my own schedule as well?  With some tools, steps, and individual know-how, I bring you a range of different marketing courses designed for creatives of all shapes and skills to help you create your mini-empire too.