The Maintanence Series

Don’t loose £££ and keep clients. 

🤦🏼‍♀️ Do you soak off a full set instead of doing a rebalance?  

🙋🏼‍♀️ Do the clients sometimes ask you for a second infill before the next full set to try and save some money?

🙎🏼‍♀️ Do your nails look misshapen after a couple of appointments trying to maintain them?

Well you are in luck, because I have been there, perfecting maintenance techniques for my clients years ago and teaching others to do so ever since.

Nail Expert Rebecca Orme brings your second course in her master nail technology series. You have the lifting series, now it’s maintanence time. 

Have you been on a course that only taught you how to fill in the gap that grows out at zone 3, or taught you a rebalance meant you had to sit there filing the whole nail as flat as possible? 

Hi my name is Rebecca and my philosophy to teaching is to make sure you know the What, the Why and the How. In this video series I will be sharing all of the why’s, the how’s and discussing the possibilities that are now opening up to your business! Maintaining nails means there is less chance of damage occurring when the nails are on/off, then on and off again…

It also means you can give your clients a great looking set of nails that feel comfortable to wear and takes the risk of lifting or damaging her own nails off the table when the nails become so unbalanced they break in just the wrong place and break the natural nail too 🙁

PLUS… you’ll learn how to do all of this so efficiently you may be able to fit in another client that day!! Win, win 🙂

As a nail technician you want to know everything about nails, Yes? Well lets’ get practical, give clients perfect nails at every appointment, save time and wow your clients with your expertise.

The ONLINE COURSE  which shows you how to ‘nail’ Maintanence. 


This video series addresses the skill of maintaining nail enhancements. 

Maintaining nails is about balance and making sure the client doesn’t have any issues between appointments. I have seen so many nail tech’s struggle to do proper maintenance and as such they find it better to soak off and apply a new set of nails.

Rebalancing a set of nails could save you time, allow an extra client to book in that day and the rebalanced clients nails look just as good as the full set you did – in less time and cost to her.  There is a skill in maintaining nails, knowing what to look for, what work is required and what you can leave as well as how to do it all in a timely manner, efficiently and so it looks great and lasts BECAUSE of what you have done.


What maintenance is, why we do it, how it will help your business and the different ways you can impress your clients with the way you look after her natural nails as well as her enhancements, like no other nail tech has done before!


You will see first hand how to infill and rebalance nails with my practical, in real time tutorials.  You will learn what to take notice of when the client returns for an appointment and what can be left. 


We discuss how to teach your client about maintenance appointments and why it is better for her that you maintain them, We also discuss pricing and what I did to put a stop to clients trying to take advantage of me!


I also delve into one of the common problems when nails grown out – the hooked nail. How you can maintain nails that grow down efficiently and without them getting thicker and thicker or look like witches talons!

All of this in a straight forward and easy to understand course, that breaks down the technical into manageable lessons with up close expertise on real salon nails.

7 lessons covering; 

  1. why we maintain nails 
  2. the maintanence process explained 
  3. pricing your maintanence service
  4. how to infill a nail
  5. how to rebalance a nail
  6. how to rebanace a Hooked nail 
  7. how to rebalance a pink and white smile line

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    Lifetime access to this course.

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