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When planning your Instagram profile it is important to be clear about what your message is. So to help, categorise the different aspects of who you are into personal and professional. Keep in mind that everything on your Instagram grid should be on subject, on-brand and professional.

This is something that I know myself is harder than it sounds, it’s not always easy to separate yourself from your brand. Often the personality behind the brand is part of what draws your clients in.

Your audience always knows what to expect. If your business is in the beauty industry, then you won’t get the interaction you want if you start posting about food and drink and vice versa. Your audience followed you because they saw content they enjoyed and wanted more of it. So keep giving them more of it. It really is as simple as that! Take a look at other brands, do you notice how their posts are always relevant to their key message. It doesn’t mean posting pictures of the same thing every time, but when posting ensure there is a common theme across all content.

It’s not only important to stay on brand, but you have to make sure that you are offering real value with your posts. You can post a hundred photos or Reels, but unless they offer advice, information or value to the people looking at them then they aren’t of any use. It is important for your audience to feel that they are gaining something from you each time they interact.

The power of consistency fulfills expectations, maintains & attracts your audience. A consistent theme is not just for Instagram your brand as a whole needs to be the same everywhere your clients see it.

How is your salon decorated?

Is the colour palette reflected in your logo & across your Social Media platforms? Make yourself the go to provider of the content your audience wants to see. Be creative, see what other people are doing and do it your way, do it better. Stamp your personality and your brand on all your content.

Have you made sure that your images all work together aesthetically? You can use Instagrams grid display to create interesting patterns or themes. Keep a consistent colour palette in your posts to give them cohesion and make create a natural flow, this encourages people to keep scrolling. The more time they spend on your page, the more posts they see, the more prominent you are in their mind. Take time to design your posts so that you always post with intention. With proper planning, it will be a lot easier to curate a mood and style. Be creative, stand out from the crowd.

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Instagram FUN-Dementals

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