Be Inspired Companion Directory

Please choose the companion you would like to work with. You will only work with them until module 7, then I hope you will consider paying it forward and becoming a companion yourself. You will not receive feedback on your work from your companion, they are there to support you and help you on your Inspired journey. Please be respectful of their time and energy. This is a volunteer-based program and I do not reward them for helping you. Please credit their generosity. I am very proud of my Inspired Companions and all they have overcome;

I have selected them because of their strength and knowledge. 

Together we are stronger

Your Companions

Paula Marie Spencer

I can help you if you are low in confidence, anxiety and shyness. I specialise in fantasy and won Nailympia first time around, so know about competing too.  My nail art speciality is fantasy and fine painting/fine lines faces etc.

I work 6 days a week in the main from 2pm and so mornings or Sunday’s are the best times to catch me.

Wendy Walsh

I can help you with Confidence issues and general support. Nail art-fine lines and detail ect, I am available Week days dependent on client commitment

Anthea Thomas

Will help in anyway I can, I have been a member from day 1, and seen how this course can impact your life in such a positive way. Text me anytime, I will reply when I see it. 

Marie Ashton

I am happy to support anyone who struggles with confidence issues I have had to push myself out of my comfort zone many times over the past few years. I enjoy fantasy and have a bit of experience with competitions and the excitement (nerves) that comes with the competition floor

I am available weekends and all day wednesday. 

Linda Maguire

I can help with all of the following...Motivation, Confidence, Stamping, Painting, Gel paint for fine lines, Acrylic 3D, almost all aspects of nail art, Water decals, Products.

I am available Mon to Fri, 11am to 4pm Sat 2pm to 5pm and happy to help any body who feels they need me. 

Anita Sinclar

I can help you with Self esteem, confidence, detail on art, alternative ideas. Also i can help you if your looking to start your own business. I am available Mon to fri 830am to 7pm

Sandra Smith

I am passionate about creating and expressing yourself through art. When I found these little canvases, my world of art simply evolved. It is never a bother to speak nail art with someone and find their mojo, or just give that little kick start. I can help you with 3D work and other nail art.

I’m based in Australia, so time difference aside I am availabe every evening. 

Jacqueline Gilpin

My Specialities include mixed media box, salon viable designs, airbrushed nail art, also love to help with confidence issues I’ve been running my salon for over 30 years now and work a lot with trainees.

I’m available beginning of the week, most Saturday nights /Sunday mornings.

Alysha Whyte

I love nail art and I love helping others. Nail art is my time, it’s my time to relax and unwind. The Be Inspired Online course should be fun, so let’s make it fun for you and take each challenge head on together. Xx

I am available;  Monday – Friday 6-10pm, available to message any time, however during these hours I will reply.

Mary Berryhill

My speciality is stamping, but I can be a great motivator and fairly good at seeing issues in a design other than my own.

I am in the US so early morning here would work for me. 4:30 A.M central time zone, very happy to help  new members or members with low confidence.

Carol Sheeny Hailstone

I could help on most things I think though I don’t use gel paint much, I am available in the afternoons. 

Sue Holland

I think I understand more than most how debilitating it is to overcome confidence issues, to be put outside out comfort zone and then survive. I specialise in handpainting and gel painting. 

I am available;  anytime, I live in Australia – so please bare this in mind. 

Michelle Faulkner

 I run my  business from a log cabin in my garden I also customise and sell press on nails for clients. I love nail art and all things glitter, I am  confident with pigment ombré, chromes, spider gel, foils, my fine lines aren’t too bad either.  I’m a good listener, problem solver and somewhat a perfectionist. I enjoy helping others whether that be with confidence boosting, a good ole kick up the bum, technology issues, something business related or just being an ear. I’m an all rounder, if I can help I will!

I am available most times when not with clients. 

Cathy Potter Parnell

I think I can be helpful in helping ladies get started. And checking in on how they are progressing. All that helps build confidence and accountability.

Sarah Zannotti

I would love to help with, confidence, kicking up the ass (GENTLY), fantasy, being a solid shoulder if it needs one, and to make life-long friends during the process.

I am available  pretty much 24/7, even when on holiday, I’m still happy to chat and natter. 

My Vision

I would love for us to all be able to connect and form a firm friendship with each other, to support each other and grow. Ignore the outside politics, industry gossip and create a community which is all about us, as women in business. You are not nail techs here, you are women in business, who love art. You just paint on tiny canvas.


Please respect each other, be kind and honour time of those helping and supporting you. Not everyone will get what they want, you are receiving a gift of someone’s time and wisdom, please don’t abuse their time.


Remember when you signed up for Be Inspired online, you signed up for me to teach you. i am still doing that. The Companions are not there to teach you new skills. If you would like them to teach you nail art, then please pay them for their time and experience.