Be Inspired Companion Program

I always think it is better to work with someone, especially when your doing something waaaaaay out of your comfort zone.

We have some veteran members in the group and we have some of you who are brand new or old members that haven’t started.

I want to find a perfect match, so as a duo you can work together to build a strong dynamic, also to exchange ideas and inspire each other. Together we grow.

Together we are stronger

What is the Inspired Companion program?

The Be Inspired Companion program is about sharing your knowledge and helping each other. You have found yourself in this amazing group with members all speaking the same language,  everyone has the same fears as you!
I have created this group to help you as members with all things to do with nail art, business, and mindset, but guess what! It evolved.
There are so many Veteran members reaching out and supporting the newer members…
  • They have felt those things.
  • They have been where you are.
  • They know what you’re thinking.
  • They know you need an inspired friend, an inspired companion to guide you through the tricky modules.
I want to make this official. recognize the Companions and give you access to their knowledge, courage, and wisdom.

Would you like to be apply to be a Companion?

Are you a supportive friend and fellow member who has been there and done that? Who has been through the feelings and emotions that newer members might be going through now?

You are what they need!

You will help an Inspired Member with their course information, modules, give them the confidence to post their work for feedback, and make them accountable for the lessons. You will not be required to give feedback on their lessons or to take on my role as an educator. Just to offer a friendly, reassuring ear.


To be eligible…

  • You must have completed at least 6 modules.
  • Or been active in helping others within this group for at least 3 months.
  • Or have been a member for 3 years or more
  • Or  well versed in the Be Inspired online ethos
  • Have time to check in with your partner.
The time that you can offer as a companion is invaluable and will be respected as such.
Click on this button, to apply.

Would you like a Companion to help you?

Are you feeling alone, are you looking for someone to help with your Be Inspired journey? Do you…
  • Need to be motivated?
  • Need to get started but not sure where.
  • Need help to gain your confidence and spirit?
  • Just want someone to chat to about nails, that understand.
With a group of successful Be Inspired members, there will be someone perfect for you to chat with, ask questions that you can’t bring yourself to ask in the group, or even say, ‘Hey what do you think? Am I on the right track? Should I post this for Sam to give me feedback?’  The Companions aren’t there to give you feedback or to educate you – just to support and guide you through the sometimes rocky path of online learning. So many nail techs work alone and it is lovely to have someone to talk ideas and suggestions through with that really get what nail art and this course is all about.
With that in mind, I have set this program up for you, and rather than me pairing you with someone, you get to choose your own Companion.
Click the link below and it will take you to a Companion directory page with all the current companions listed. Find someone you connect with and message them. Don’t be discouraged if they are full. There is always a perfect partner for you and sometimes it might be the least expected.

My Vision

I would love for us to all be able to connect and form a firm friendship with each other, to support each other and grow. Ignore the outside politics, industry gossip, and create a community that is all about us as women in business. You are not nail tech’s here; you are women in business who love art. 


Please respect each other, be kind and honour the time of those helping and supporting you. Not everyone will get what they want, you are receiving a gift of someone’s time and wisdom, which is invaluable – please don’t abuse this.


Remember when you signed up for Be Inspired online, you signed up for me to teach you- I am still doing that. The Companions are not there to teach you new skills. If you would like them to teach you nail art, then please pay them for their time and experience.