It’s About How You Create Creativity

Sometimes you have to work for your creativity…

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The floodgates of creativity open and stay open when you are young, but then, as you age the outlet seems to runs dry. You get stuck in patterns, bad habits and thought processes that kill that creative flow. You find that the creativity gifted to you in your youth begins to cloud slowly like fading eyesight, the more you search for it the harder it seems to find.

A morbid thought I know, but when you are outside of the creative zone this is how it feels, when you have a creative block,  the loss, self-doubt and negative self-talk is loud.

Creativity is a higher form of intelligence and when you are functioning at a high level you need to be active, so raise your energy levels. So before you can think creatively, you need to have access to the right high energy. You need to be in a state of flow when the possibilities that come with creativity are present.

The main takeaway is that creativity is about having fun and learning to enjoy the process. Recently I have just updated my Etsy shop, I had let the listings lapse because people weren’t buying. They weren’t buying because I had not added any energy into the process. Why not? Because I was filled with doubt about my work, why would someone want it? ….Can you see where this is leading? This doubt is a low energy vibration and caused a creative block within me.

Art is translating an idea or inspiration into a visual experience, whether on a canvas, iPad or nails. A big part is also the letting go of an idea, releasing it into the public space and forgoing the attachment you feel to a piece to allow another to form one. But letting go of that attachment can be difficult and the hurdles appear in many different forms, you find yourself asking; How will people receive it? Will they like it? Will they even want it?

A large part of any creative process is sharing a small part of your soul with others, it doesn’t matter what form your creativity takes; art, music or writing etc. We all experience the same joy and feeling of pride when we complete a project that contains a part of who we are and we are able to see a smile or gasp on someone’s face when they view it.

But so many of us creatives become frustrated and depressed when trying to turn an idea into that amazing piece of art. The worst thing you can do is give up after you get the initial spark of creative motivation. Everyone gets a spark, but most of us diminish the motivation because we don’t believe in ourselves.

Try this technique with me, create an image of the end product in your head, visualise yourself enjoying the creativity it takes to create something. Now feel the joy inside as someone wants that piece of art.

I thought I would tell you seven ways that you can increase your creativity, BUT BEFORE WE LOOK AT THOSE, let’s talk a little about inspiration. Inspiration is not copying someone else’s work, it is looking at something and feeling inspired to use the colours, elements, shapes or concept in your own work. If, for example, you see a painting of a bluebird in watercolour on Pinterest and want to paint this, your next step shouldn’t be to recreate the image as is. Instead take time to research lots of different angles, colours and techniques until you find the one you want to work with, build a Pinterest board and use this to feed that creative spark we talked about.

Before you sit down, go through the images and enjoy them, absorb their vibrations with a cup of tea and a biscuit (vital for this part of the process).

Now put the original images away, unless you are using them as a reference for proportions or shape you do not need to be looking at it. You have to let your own ideas flow and you cannot do that if you’re taking the idea from somewhere else. Let the ideas that have been sparked by the original image and the information you have learned in your research flow. Trust you can do it, and see what happens.

8 Ways to Awake Your Inner Creative… Are You Ready?

1. Get into the right mindset, this is one of the first and most important issues. If we do our best creative work on a Saturday, why try and do it on a Sunday or early Monday when you feel confined by time? I always find I am more creative in the morning, so will write or do any art then.  Analyse which time suits you best. This means going away, evaluating what works for you and how you’ll carry on. Don’t set yourself up to fail at the first hurdle.

2. The first project, DON’T create art to sell either as nail art or regular art. You are trying to please someone else, instead, concentrate on enjoying the process and develop a series of examples of your work. Feel excited about your art projects and get turned on by the results. This will translate into high energy and your work will vibrate this.

3. Set a time frame. How much will you be creating in the next 30 days, 60 days, 90 days or year? Be specific and be strict. Your creative time is as important as eating and if you’re managing to watch four to five hours of tv a day, I’m sure your creative goal can be as achievable.

4. Make sure you have the right space for the job and that it is conducive to creativity. Tear down or simplify the room you have prepared, don’t forget to switch everything off and to organise all the knickknacks and papers on your desk, the environment will keep you grounded and creative. If you have last month’s unpaid electric bill in front of you, it’ll dry your creativity up quicker than a man turning up to date in Crocs…you get my drift?

5. Create with five senses. Our five senses feed our creativity and it requires them for anything to happen fully. Include them in any project that you are working on. I have a candle, I call it the ‘flame of inspiration,’ trust me, it works. Visually, your space has to be clean, everything in the right place. Have your favourite drink and snack at hand – feed your creativity with simple pleasures, have your favourite scent running through a humidifier, I find I can become very dehydrated when I am in the groove. The humidifier works for a couple of reasons, the scent stimulates and secondly, keeps my airway moist. Wear the right clothes. This sounds stupid, but think about it? Wearing tight and restrictive clothes will restrict the creative flow – can you see the trend here? And listen to the music. If you painting something watery, find the right music, if it is dark and mysterious, switch it over to rock (I nearly added roll, showing my age there) If you have a romantic idea, pop on some love songs. This works so well to keep you on topic. – DON’T WATCH TV WHILE YOU WORK!

6. Once you are there and focused on your project, let it go. Go with the flow and don’t disturb your work unfinished in the long run. Switch off your social media feeds, silence your phone, and make the surrounding people know that this is your time. It will only cause more stress if taken too seriously and the creativity will fade away.

7. Don’t look at social, I can’t stress this enough. Have a plan before you sit down of what you want to paint. Don’t sit and then make a plan. Because 3 hrs later you will run out of time and your spark.

8. Take time away and let your mind take off. If you’re sticking with the content of the narrative, don’t fight it. Even a seasoned athlete will go and chill, spend the day away from the ‘coal face.’ Go for a walk, relax, notice the bird song, smell the roses. Don’t be busy. These are valuable free resources. Watch that film, read that book. Go sit in a cafe and just be. Watch the drama unfold around you, understand how people tick in this safe environment and emotionally, culturally feed your creativity.

Creativity is a major hidden resource for an exciting lifestyle, something that seems to lack in the world right now. In the age of Aquarius, it’s time for us all to be creative.

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It’s About How You Create Creativity

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