How to Catch A Monkey

Learning To Let Go

Do you know how they catch monkeys? What hunters do is they take a coconut, cut a hole in it and empty it. They make the hole just big enough for the monkey’s hand to fit inside, but small enough so when they make a fist it can’t fit. Then they put fruit inside the coconut, tie it to a tree and wait. What they found is that monkeys are greedy. The monkey sticks his hand inside the coconut to get to the prize and as he tries to pull it out his fit gets stuck, he tries but can’t pull it out. When the hunter approaches this little monkey tries even harder to get the fruit out, but he just can’t do it. What happens to that poor monkey? Well he gets captured. All the monkey had to do was open his hand, let go of the fruit and he would have been free. But his greed and attachment to the prize blinds him. It is so strong he sacrifices his life for it.

Now Merlin, my old boy of a dog, has a similar issue when it comes to tennis balls. You see, he can’t help himself once he sees a ball, once he managed to carry 3 in his mouth at one time. He is determined not to let go of his precious prize, even when I tempt him with something even better. But no, he has fixated on his balls, even though he can smell the tasty meaty treat, his mouth waters, but nope, those balls are too valuable.

Why am I telling you this?

Well I want to ask you what is your fruit, or tennis ball. What is trapping you to the point where you would sacrifice yourself and your future for it?

Unlike the monkey or Merlin, if you could just let go of that prize, just for a minute, then you would be free. You would have the tasty meaty treat (maybe not so tempting to you) but your prize might be so much better than the one your holding to right now.

Could it be money, your work, the love of nails, your ideas of success and happiness?

You see, if you could let go of what you think your prize is, then you can truly experience happiness.

Right now, we are all facing the biggest changes in our lives, and it affects us so close to home, not just the fear of health, but our business is at risk. This is a challenging and very stressful time.

But I want to implore you right now not to sacrifice this opportunity for the fear of losing the prize you think you have. That business of yours is evolving, you are evolving and the world is evolving with you. This is a strange and unique experience that can either affect your happiness, your peace, your life for the better or you can get caught in the trap that man has placed down for you, you could lose yourself crying over that outdated fixation on a prize.

Be free from that, because what you truly need might be right in front of you.

Unless of course, your idea of happiness is Merlins balls.

I know this is the hardest time for everyone, the realisation that this is not going away anytime soon is the strangest thing of all.

But don’t get trapped in the external and what you have lost because, as my mother told me this morning, ‘If you don’t go within, you will go without’.

So in the comments, let me know what you’re doing to make changes.
To evolve and transform. What things are you getting started on or looking into now you have more time?

You know that thing you said you wished you could do if you had more time. Well, your prayers have been answered.

Ethan and I have been working on one such thing for the past week and a bit, bringing you a new evolution of Be Inspired Online.

Be Inspired Online was born because traveling for me to teach was becoming difficult, not just because of health issues but I missed my family.
But I loved teaching and the buzz of being in class, talking and meeting with other nail pro’s is second to none.

I developed a series on online courses as you know, but this didn’t give me the same buzz. My weekly feedback sessions on Be Inspired Online were great but it gets lonely here in the office.

So this year I planned to get back on the road. I have been working hard on getting healthy and fit and when Jon decided to go part-time to concentrate on his writing, it meant he could help me as I traveled. Well, thanks coronavirus for putting a stop to that.

It’s only when this virus hit and I started working with my members doing virtual classes that a realised I could continue with my dream of face to face education.

I have the tools, equipment and services which will allow me to hold large virtual coaching calls. That means I can hold a class that you can attend and work alongside me. The great thing is I can watch you work as well. HOW friggin cool is that?!

This is just the next stage in the evolution of Be Inspired Online and perfect for the situation we find ourselves in right now.

Nail pro’s and salon owners more than ever need to focus on the bigger picture. We need to keep in mind this too shall pass, so using this time wisely and learning new skills is perfect to be ready for when we all return to work.

This course runs either in an afternoon or a morning and is live and interactive, and I have created a little video for you to explain how it works.
Visit the link on the screen to find out more.

VNAC – virtual nail art class

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How to Catch A Monkey

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