How Big Is Yours?

How Big Is Yours?

The Bottom Of The Mountain

I would guess that you have some problems in your life haven’t you?

Everyone does, I know I do. It’s a normal part of life, not everything runs smoothly all the time. The real question is.

Is yours as big as everyone else’s? Of course, we all know everyone thinks that theirs is the biggest. When you look at them are you worried you won’t be able to beat them? Do some of them seem overwhelming, massive and unconquerable?

If you stood at the bottom of Mount Everest and looked up, it would appear incredibly huge and insurmountable, wouldn’t it? Even the stairs in Rocky look like a challenge when you’re at the bottom.

But what if you weren’t at the bottom? What if you changed your perspective? Perhaps you hop in a helicopter and hovered near the top, or moved far away from the mountain. Then it would look different and perhaps not so overwhelming.

We all have problems (or challenges) in our lives that appear overwhelming. Often it just takes a change of perspective to change how you feel about it and to make it appear manageable.

Is It As Big As You Think?

When you really think about it you’re not stood at the bottom of the mountain. You’ve already conquered so many peaks and overcome challenges in your life. There are people ahead of you and many more below you.

I always think about my favourite clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashains (bear with me). They are on holiday in Bora Bora and Kris Humphries throws Kim into the crystal clear beautiful waters surrounding them.

Kim surfaces and begins crying that her $75,000 diamond earring has fallen off and has been lost forever in the ocean. Kourtney, ever the voice of reason then delivers the iconic line ‘Kim, there’s people that are dying’.

It’s over the top I know, but it is true. Your problems are all about perspective.

Take A Look At The Good Things

This could just be something as simple as looking outside of yourself.

Two years ago I was diagnosed with a complicated and progressive spinal problem which will eventually leave me in a wheelchair. I had to make major changes to my lifestyle, I could no longer work abroad as often, I had to be a lot more careful with my body. I had to take a step back and really think about things. 

I realised that even though things may not be going the way I wanted. Did it really matter? I have a beautiful home and family who love and look after me. My health isn’t my priority, making sure I spend time with the people I love and the people who love me is my priority. I couldn’t be more loved, that makes any other problems pale in comparison.

Changing Your Perspective

If you are suffering from overwhelming problems then you need to change your perspective. Either

1) Look outside yourself at the people around you and realise how well off you really are


2) Visualise your problem and shrink it down. Put it under your feet or push it far off into the distance. This changes your perspective and makes it manageable

Either of these will change how you feel and help you deal with your problems better and in a more resourceful way.

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How Big Is Yours?

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