Glass Nail Art

Glass Nail Art

Angelique Blenckner – Mixed Media

💅🏻   5 Lessons with different Glassy Designs and Medium

💫 Learn Amazing Glassy Nail Art for Salon and Competitions

💋 Learn How to create Crystal Clear Nail Art

Do you want to create a clear glass effect in your nail art?

This course is a collection of 5 designs that include a Glass Effect, you will learn how to create a clear-looking glass nail art design in a range of techniques.

In this course, Angelique will show you how to create amazing Glassy Nail Art Designs, that aren’t just useful in Competiton Work, but will also look great in the Salon too!

Our Main Medium will be Clear Hard Gel to make sure that we get a really clear and glassy finish.

To make this really Salon Viable I will use different ‘Quick Nail Art’ like Foils or Decals but you also can paint everything by yourself

At the End of this course, you will receive a Certificate for Completing this Course. 

The perfect way to improve your 3D Competition Skills and Make Money in the Salon!

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Whether it takes you a day, a month or a year! You have all the time in the world to do this course again and again!

Glass Nail Art

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Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream
Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream

Learn Salon Viable & Competition Skills

Five designs that you can use in the Salon or Competition, add Cinderella’s Glass Slipper to a Disney Set, or create glass ornaments for Competition Work.

Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream
Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream

A Mixed Media Bonus Lesson

Once you’ve learnt the technique, you will unlock a special Mixed Media BONUS Lesson where you will create an Hourglass with moving sand!

Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream
Salon Viable OneStroke Ice Cream

Use Foils & Decals for Quick Work

I will show you how you can each design with ease and speed in the salon using Foils & Decals to speed things up.

Angelique Blenckner

Hi, I’m Angelique Blenckner, a nail tech and educator currently living in Berlin, Germany. After finding myself unhappy with the salons in my area I decided to become a nail tech myself, qualifying as a ‘Nail Technician’ with the Main Medium Hard Gel in 2018 and Advanced Qualification with Acrylic Systems in 2019.

In NAILYMPIA Online 2021 I won Gold with my HONEYCOMB Extreme Shape. and now im collecting some Trophies and Medals as well as Cerfiticates, I’m totally addicted to Crystal Placement, Realistic Faces and Animals, as well as One Stroke, Fine Line Work and Filigree Painting but my heart goes with Xtreme Nails, Xtreme Shapes and Xtreme Length.