The Elephant in the industry

Time To Talk Bullying

It’s time to talk again about the bullying in this industry. I have been seeing a lot of talk about it on social media and it has cropped up in the news in the past too. There is a difference between being competitive, offering criticism and just downright bullying, it is too common for people to repeatedly attack someone else and try and bring them down under the guise of being ‘supportive’.

How often have you experienced any bullying in this industry? If not you, I bet you know someone who has. Those of us who are able to independently of other salons or companies are lucky in the sense that we do not have to work alongside our bullies, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there lurking in nail groups ready to shame us when we post.

How many of you have left a Facebook group because there seems to be a clique who drags at you no matter what you post? Do you feel like there is a lot of bullying in the industry, or is it just a difference in opinion and people are too quick to label someone a bully?

Also, what is the difference between being a bully and a troll?

Dealing with bullying is something we all do differently, my top tips for leaving the bullies behind in my life work for me, they may not work for everyone. But it’s important to share.

Remember you can say ‘No’ without feeling guilty. You do not have to interact with them or do what they tell you to do. When you do have to engage be assertive and concise, don’t get drawn into the drama.

While it’s easier said than done, do not let them tear you down emotionally, it may sound odd but they are also victims. Something in them is poisoning them to act this way, they are putting this pain on others to not have to deal with their own pain.

Social media is not real life, who gives a shit what some strangers have to say? You didn’t need their validation when you started on your journey, so why do you need it now?

The Elephant in the industry

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