Dream Big, You Can Afford It

Your Expectation Vs Your Reality

You know when you have a dream, a hope and an expectation of what your nails are meant to look like. When in your mind you have this piece of art, because it is the art of nails I am interested in, then the reality of the situation sets in. You start to list all the reasons why this expectation will not turn out how you expected.

Things like “I have:

  • No time
  • No money
  • No skills

All these thoughts taking away from your expectation and instead, giving you a stark indication of your reality. How do you prevent that reality from interrupting the flow of your expectations?

Here Is What I Think

Are you ready for this? The next sentence is going to blow your mind if you didn’t know this already. If you do, then this is your reminder.

Your reality IS your expectations and your expectations ARE your reality.

Anything you dream, hope and wish for will become your reality. So if that list looked like this:

  • Lots of money
  • Tons of time
  • Plenty of skill

Then that will become your reality, if you stop the flow of your expectations because of your reality you will get stuck, depressed and the whole world will grind to a halt.

The key is to expect your actions to turn out positively, as this is what will enable them to do just that. If you believe that whatever you start will end in failure then it will. So when you have an idea, an expectation. Frame it positively in your mind so it can become a positive reality.

When you begin to deliver your expectations based on the reality of your life. When you say to yourself you will accomplish something because you have lots of time, money and skills you will never fail.

So how do you get those things? You need believe they are already around you, that you have it all. Believing and knowing that is going to be the key to your success. Not the actual time, money or skills.

Confused, don’t try and figure it out, just believe you have it all and dream big. Your expectations will be your reality very very soon.

Dream Big, You Can Afford It

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