Honeycomb Masterclass

Learn More About My Award-Winning Xtreme Nail Shape!

My new course will be expanding on my Monthly Masterclass and I will show you how to create my Extreme Shape ‘The Honeycomb’ which won Gold in the ‘Invent A Shape’ category at Nailympia 2021

It includes not just the shape and how to create this, it also includes different artwork on top of the nail, except the Crystal 3D Flower which is from Guin Deadman on 30 Nails in 30 Days November.

There are Theory Lessons related to the Printable Downloads, there will also be a little test to make sure you have picked up the essential theoretical knowledge to start the Practice Part.

The main Medium is Acrylic Powder in Cover Pink.

Free Gift Box Until October 31st 2021

For EVERY Student who signs up until the end of October 2021, there is a Masterclass Kit Box ready for shipping.

This Kit Box includes:
  • 10 SBD London Extreme Forms
  • 1 Practice Finger Set (flexible Finger and Stand) with 20 Tips
  • Printed “Form Fitting Guide”
  • Printed and laminated “Skill Trainer Sheets : One Stroke and 3D Acrylic Leaves”
  • Printed and laminated “The Honeycomb Shape Sheet”
  • 50cm Wire
  • 3 Mini Acrylic Bees
  • Crystal/Caviar Bead Mix
  • Golden Elements Mix
  • 2 Rounded Back Drop Crystals
  • Sorting Tray

Extreme Forms from SBD LONDON:



Your educator for this course is Angelique Blenckner, find out more and about her other courses here 

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3-6 Days

Difficulty: Intermediate

Course Instructor

Angelique Blenckner Author

Hi, I’m Angelique Blenckner, a nail tech and educator currently living in Berlin, Germany. After finding myself unhappy with the salons in my area I decided to become a nail tech myself, qualifying as a ‘Nail Technician’ with the Main Medium Hard Gel in 2018 and Advanced Qualification with Acrylic Systems in 2019. In NAILYMPIA Online 2021 I won Gold with my HONEYCOMB Extreme Shape. and now I’m collecting some Trophies and Medals as well as Certificates, I’m totally addicted to Crystal Placement, Realistic Faces and Animals, as well as One Stroke, Fine Line Work and Filigree Painting but my heart goes with Xtreme Nails, Xtreme Shapes and Xtreme Length.

Honeycomb Masterclass
  • Course Progress

  • Your Course

    • Theory
      • Theory: Form Fitting
      • Theory: OneStroke Basics
      • Theory: Acrylic Flowers
    • Practice
      • Sculpting The Nail & Sidewalls
      • OneStroke
      • 3D Acrylic & Plasticine Elements
      • Rose Topper
      • Decorative Details & Elements
      • Crystal Placement & Wire Work